Be a stylish HODLer - HODLnaut platform review

Be a stylish HODLer - HODLnaut platform review

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 16 Sep 2021

Are you a stylish HODLer? Because I am! My quest to find the perfect HODL wallet started with Coinbase but was quickly abandoned as they had no rewards few years ago. Binance came with the Savings option and at the beginning the APR was higher than today's 1% or 2%. I moved my assets in there and little fractions of crypto were slowly added in my portfolio.

Celsius Network was a game changer, with APY as high as 16% and a plethora of bonus codes to earn a substantial amount of Bitcoin ($BTC). My treasure chest moved to Celsius and the rewards were visible. I opted to earn dividends in $CEL because I can see it growing past $20-$30 once Celsius will implement the internal exchange and the other features highlighted in the roadmap.

Few months later I also opened a BlockFi to move assets from Celsius and back when new bonus codes are being distributed, taking advantage of the one free withdrawal per month. But August 2021 came with a new player - HODLnaut - bringing a different approach and some style for the HODLer community. 


HODLnaut is an emerging crypto lending and borrowing platform based in Singapore, where users can earn up to 10.5% interest to the assets they are holding. Weekly passive income can be earned with Bitcoin, Wrapped Bitcoin, Ethereum and stablecoins (DAI, USDT and USDC), with no lock-up periods or minimum deposits. 

There are four tiers for Bitcoin ($BTC) and Wrapped Bitcoin ($WBTC), starting with 7.46% APY for the first 2 BTC and dropping to 1% after subsequent deposits above 100 BTC. Those who have 100 Bitcoin idle somewhere can now take advantage of this top APY.

Only three tiers for Ethereum ($ETH), starting with 7.46% APY for the first 20 ETH, 4.08% for the next 80 ETH and dropping to 1% after subsequent deposits above 100 ETH.  Do you think Vitalik will consider HODLnaut?


All stablecoin deposits will receive 12.73% APY for the first $25,000. The interest rate will drop at 7.25% for the next $75,000 and to 3.56% after the next $400,000. The Tier 4 will be reached after subsequent deposits above half million USD, and the interest will be caped at 2.84%.


HODLnaut registered an average monthly growth of 20% and at the  moment has over $240 million AUM (Assets Under Management). The company is registered as a certified Fintech by the Singapore Fintech Association, an accreditation recognized by the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) and IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) of Singapore.

The platform is easy to use and the dashboard contains all the tools in a user-friendly tab. Tapping the HODLnaut logo will expand the tabs as it follows: My Account, Deposit/ Withdrawals, Statements, Affiliate and Token Swap. The "User Settings" and logout button are situated below the tabs.


The tier system and revised rates were set in place to reflect HODLnaut commitment for the users and to continue the vision of optimum interest rates. The interest will be calculated daily and added in the wallet every Monday at 5 PM, Singapore Time. The Balance Overview will offer quick access to Swap and a breakdown of the APY rates.


HODLnaut only lends to corporate entities with excellent credit score, as a measure to prevent the loss of capital, with a collateral at minimum 130%. The interest is based on supply and demand, as a fluctuating interest depending on the market conditions. 

I wanted to test HODLnaut and 0.01647 Ethereum was deposited on the 12th of August and after 5 weeks I have 0.01658 ETH in my wallet. The deposit was valued at $59 at the time of writing, and the current Ethereum value is $59.44. The $0.44 earnings may look tiny but the amount I had in my wallet was minimal. Having $1000 worth of ETH on HODLnaut will earn $7.50 per month, and having one full Ethereum will  generate more then $26 in dividends.


The payment was sent into the wallet every Monday and is easy to track. The timer bar will also inform the user about the time left until the next payout.


Did you realized that HODLnaut is a combination of HODL and astronaut? It's a powerful combination, fit for those that are planning to hold until. It was always about HODL ... always has been!


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