Base Extravaganza - I Broke Twitter With The PVM Tokens

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 1 Apr 2024

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and society, and the web3 evolution had a big impact on how things work. Centralization is the big issue with social media platforms, as the big companies control every aspect, from how users interact to managing their data and privacy. 

Want to read about the time that PVM broke the internet like Wreck-It-Ralph? This is a story of how something minted on a decentralized platform triggered all the bots on a centralized platform.


There are always "sufficiently decentralized social networks" that challenge the status quo of social media platforms! Warpcast is a web3 social network similar to Elon's X but built different! It is available both on mobile and web browsers, and users can "cast", interact with other users, showcase their NFTs, and even review their on-chain activity in the feed.

The story started on Warpcast, where I minted my own token using a "frame". Took less than a minute and few clicks to mint one billion $PVM tokens... and just a tweet to break the internet. Elon said there are no more bots on X but this proves him wrong! 


Warpcast used the innovation that Farcaster brought in web3 and the social media sector to create an Dapp where users can enjoy complete control over their interactions and audience. This and the integrated frames allow users to engage with smart contracts directly from the social app.

Back to our story... I used Apex777 fun Friday frame to mint $PVM tokens, and as every meme coin in the world... it has to be shared. So silly me tweeted about it and told the world that I have tokens to share!


Frens' commented first and sent them 1,000,000 $PVM for fun. Then random strangers started to engage and ask for tokens... so I sent more millions to the few random strangers that joined the conversation.

I had no idea I opened the floodgates... and that hell is actually on X... and the imps are bots that want $PVM tokens. The tweet somehow activated all the "great project sir" and "to the moon" bots on Elon's playground, so more "people" started to comment faster than I was able to share $PVM love! 


After 30 minutes I realized I broken Twitter, as the number of users wanting $PVM tokens reached one thousand! What have I done???? This was just the beginning... and one day later my hyped tweet got some crazy numbers.

Free tokens triggered all the bots in the world and $PVM tokens were kindly requested by 4,300 internet strangers. My tweet had 3100 likes and 3000 retweets in 24 hours! PVM broke the internet! 


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