AxieBCH indie player - My Axie Infinity progress and breeding updates

AxieBCH indie player - My Axie Infinity progress and breeding updates

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 22 Oct 2021

Axie Personal Journey Updates

Joined Axie Infinity in the summer and I am enjoying the game and the grinding. I am not doing any superhuman effort to gather SLP, focusing only on the 50 tokens from the Adventure mode. Sometimes if I have spare time I may try to win 5 Arena duels. 


I like doing Adventure Mode more than Arena because I don't have to worry about the time. I usually play Splinterlands as well when playing Axie, and quite often I forget to select the cards and lose the game. BTW...  how often do you draw in the arena?


My Axies are only level 18 because I stop after reaching 50/50 SLP. Sometimes I fell asleep as I play, because 90% of my games are late at night. Is not cool playing Axie at 2 AM but can't help it with my busy agenda.


While constantly feeling asleep I discovered a new addition to the game ... the account gets locked for 2 hours if your are getting idle. A puzzle will appear on the screen and if the user will not select in the right order the numbers from 1 to 5 then will get locked due to being inactive.


I am happy I reached the Lunacia Ruin 20 with the Axies at level 18. I struggled a lot at Ruin 12 and I only won after a series of lucky events but after that was a smooth run until the current ruin. 


AxieBCH Gaming Guild Updates! 

When the AxieBCH project was announced I instantly jumped on board. I joined the pre-sale and got a bag of tokens which I plan to HODL. The core concept is that AxieBCH will supply scholarships and the scholars will get paid in Bitcoin Cash. The $AxieBCH holders will have benefits and the value of the token will grow at the same pace as the guild will expand.


The AxieBCH guild grew to 50 people, coaches, scholars and 2 indie players! I was the first indie player to join the team - having the same benefits as the regular scholars and coaches! Just ignore the numbers from the print-screen as that was nearly a month ago and since then the project bloomed a lot.


Axie Breeding Updates

Good news for some, bad news from others as the Axie breeding system was changed. The cost per breading was reduced from 2 AXS to only one AXS but the cost of SLP was increased. The cost for the 1st bread will be 300 SLP per parent and will follow the table below (amount for both). 

Why the cost was changed? The quick explanation is to keep up with the constant growth of the game.  The longer explanation involves the Axie Infinity commitment for the community and to enhance the sense of ownership for the players. As SLP can be earned only through gameplay, this involves grinding, effort and skills. Axie breeding will burn SLP as a proof of  human activity and gaming time.

The Axie creators thought about the future, and the growing demand for Axie, therefore the market and SLP must have synergy. This will ensure sustainability and balance by rewarding players efforts and supporting the community growth. The forecasting for 2022 are suggesting a demand for millions of new Axies, which can be only achieved by a growth of SLP created by players. The new system aims to reduce AXS and SLP volatility and reduce the pressure on AXS by implementing the auto-balancing system that will stabilize both tokens.


Residual Income:

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