Axie Infinity - Q1 2022 Updates and how the game is kicking players in the nuts!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 1 Mar 2022

Axie Infinity maintained the hot spot of Play2Earn games, with 1 million daily users. This high volume and growth must be maintained with updates and upgrades ... and for some the news are not great! 

Firstly ... I hade this now verification that was added recently. I understand the point of the puzzle when it comes to inactivity but to rotate an Axie every time I log into the game sound stupid! Feels like a kick in the nuts, as the game dev considers everyone as cheaters. 


Then removing the SLP earned through Adventure Mode feels like another poor move, that will create additional pressure on the players. Worrying about your ranking and trying to maintain above 800 was a thing but to totally remove the $SLP earnings in PVE is another kick in the nuts! By the end of the year we will either get balls of steel or stop playing! 


The purpose of re-balancing in-game SLP rewards removes the joy of playing for casual players and force them to buy better (expensive) teams so they keep earning. Axie dudes... I pass! I am that kind of player that was stuck for a while at Lunacia Ruin 21. The Slime Knight was my arch-enemy and I couldn't defeat it for weeks. No matter the strategy used, the Slime Knight was too strong for my beasts. My team will have OP damage but the Slime Knight will always heal up to full health. I have no attack to kill the small healing slimes and this was the reason that I failed so many times.



One day I was lucky and the star aligned ... as 6 of 12 done critical damage. The Slime Knight was down and 200 $SLP extra reward was my gift for clearing the Lunacia Ruin 21 for the first time.


Was a smooth run from Lunacia Ruin 21 up to Lunacia Ruin 28, but then it felt like I hit a brick wall! Is this another struggling point for me? Looks like... as the Emperor Rock is a tough opponent!


The Emperor Rock is as tough as his name, as this monster holds a special sword. He waits for a champion to take it ... by force! He has some Inklers and Glorious Fangs in his party, and is ready to smash the adventurers that are challenging him.


But with the new updates ... is there any point to do Adventure? I personally don't see any point to play PVE and waste time for nothing. I am hanging in the Arena now, trying to keep my ranking as high as possible. 


The last batch of SLP was converted in $AXS and staked. The 4513 SLP I earned, mainly from PVE, were converted for 1.89 AXS. The transfer followed the route SLP - wETH - AXS and only 27 SLP were paid as liquidity provider fee. 


The APY back then was 114% and the AXS price as high as $140 per unit. The market crushed lately and the APR slowly reduced but the passive income are still decent. Re-staked my earnings on the 4th of February, adding 0.3455 AXS to staking, at 81% APR. I am  confident that Axie will recover and both SLP and AXS will gain value. The demand of SLP will be higher, as the earning has become harder. Until then 1 AXS = 1 AXS!


AxieBCH Gaming Guild - Q1 2022 Review

The AxieBCH Gaming Guild was created only few months ago, and the stats are self-explanatory when I want to talk about the success of the project. AxieBCH guild has 100 active players and over 300 Axies under management.  The Discord channel is heading towards 750 members, the Telegram group has 430 subscribers and the Twitter account has 2150 followers. Follow them on any social media to be up to date with the news!


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