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Axie Infinity - Come on baby stake it one more time!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 15 Aug 2022

I started playing Axie Infinity last year, on the 8th of August 2021. I joined late and I missed the hype but at least I had fun! 

Well ... never say never ... specially when you can earn money! I didn't played Axie Infinity when it started and when the whole thing exploded, it was to late to join as the prices went crazy. I just added Axie Infinity to the list of missed opportunities. - PVM August 2021


The game kept going downhill, with the rewards being reduced constantly. The game updates made it more difficult for casual players, and the Ronin hack was the last straw for the unhappy community. 

Worrying about your ranking and trying to maintain above 800 was a thing but to totally remove the $SLP earnings in PVE is another kick in the nuts! By the end of the year we will either get balls of steel or stop playing!  - PVM February 2022 


I earned some SLP and didn't sold at high value, so was no point to sell at low value. The AXS token was still doing well, close to $50 per unit, and I decided to invest. Do you remember when 4500 SLP were over 263 USD? This game fell as hard as Pegaxy did! 


The AXS price was $140 when I started staking, and I am confident to say that we will never see this value ever again! I added the gains back in the pot, and raised the total staked AXS at 2.25. The AXS was already at a discounted price, down at $47 in few weeks.


I claimed my last stash of SLP, 3068 tokens, and swapped them for AXS. This claim was done after the last played game, when I gave up due to the stupid game changes. 


If 4500 SLP were 263 USD few months ago, 3000 SLP were swapped for 14 USD! It's crazy how volatile the crypto is, and why is important to take back the investment when you have the change. Why? Because you may never have this chance again!


Come'on Axie... stake it one more time! The APR at the end of July was still decent, at 69%, and I chose to restake the 0.53 AXS rewards. My staked stash is now 4 AXS, approximately 68 USD at the current token price. How long should I keep it staked? Is AXS still a good token to hold? Not sure but this is my goodbye to Axie! I want to say it was a good year but that will be a lie! 


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