Alpha News - Layer3 Announced The $L3 Tokens

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 23 Apr 2024

What if it's away to tick boxes for two airdrops? Layer3 recently announced the $L3 token, and it was suggested that the airdrop will use the CUBEs minted from quests as a criteria. My advice is to start grinding on Layer3 ASAP, in any way possible. Claim the daily off-chain GM and increase your streak for achievements, complete quests and mint CUBEs, and obviously spread the on-chain interaction across many days.

Layer3 will also help you get more points on Mode, which is a nice double-dip. You can mint a CUBE on Mode, and interact with those protocols that will boost your chances. Start your journey and hopefully the DeFi summer will come with bounties! 


My approach changed since they introduced the CUBEs as rewards for quests, as my airdrop senses tingled hard. The Layer3 CUBEs are unlocking token-rewarding quests and boosts for users, while unifying quest completion data on-chain. Sounds like airdrop criteria for me! 

Layer3 is the best place for web3 learning and discovery, offering achievements, varied rewards, increased gamification, social bounties, and now with the CUBEs integrations... maybe a potential airdrop! Why CUBEs were giving me airdrop vibes? Because they were presented as the key to the Layer3 economy, and because similar platforms already have their tokens. 

Few weeks later and I can say ... "I told you!" ... as Layer3 announced the next step. The $L3 token is coming, and there is still time to mint CUBEs to maximize your rewards. 


Let me read between the lines, and highlight that the Layer3 reward can be maximized through CUBEs. Therefore there are other conditions that will make users eligible for the airdrop. 

Some of the main ones that will probably count could be the level of the user, the age of the account, and the unlocked achievements. There is still time to level up, mint CUBEs and get points for other airdrops. The Linea Park campaign is a clear example of double ... if not triple-dip!

The Layer3 users where invited into Linea Park, where they interacted with a plethora of Linea protocols. Each completed quest added LineaXP, which could be one of the eligibility criteria for the Linea token. The protocols which we interacted may have token airdrops in the future, so Layer3 opened endless possibilities. 

I like challenges but I am still careful with my on-chain activity, this is why I completed only the quests that didn't required downloads or installing stuff. That was a big NO for me and skipped those quests. I manage to finish 28 quests, gather some LXP, and hope that the amount was enough to be eligible for $LINEA or whatever will be the token's ticker! 


Done stuff on RinhoFi, as a double-dip for Layer3 and airdrops on zkSync, Linea or Blast! I minted some NFTs as well, to supercharge my on-chain interactions, and buzzed seeing I have a score that puts me in the top of zkSync hunters. 

I've done 175 transactions, with 1.01 ETH volume, and hopefully left enough on-chain stamps to get nice bounties in 2024. Time will tell! 


There's a long way until the Layer3 season ends, and it is then when the airdrop may happen (or the snapshot). I keep earning gems and chests, which are just small steps towards the ultimate goal. 

I must admit that the XP boosts and quite good for leveling, and the discounts can save a good amount of money. At the end of the day... doing Layer3  quests also has an educative side... as I am able to learn and use top protocols on various chains.


Let me tell you another strategy... try leveling up your alt wallets as well. There are many Layer3 quests that doesn't require on-chain activity, and you can level up other wallets or make a "GM" streak without spending a penny. 

If you want to maximise your chances... then start minting some CUBEs. Make sure you are using your Layer3 referral code to earn small shares of crypto from the quests you're doing on secondary accounts. 

I am leveling my main account, my secondary wallet and my Coinbase wallet on Layer3. I reached level 10 on the main one, and going for the 50 days "GM" streak. The hustle never stops! 


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