A Brain Injury Primer - Why Mind Matters

By Lloyd Duhon | Mind Matters | 24 Oct 2019

An introduction to the publication and a pledge to readers.

Brain Injury

Brain injury is common, an estimated 13.5 million Americans suffer from them (Brain Trauma Foundation). It is the second most prevalent disabling condition among our population. These injuries are not always fatal, but often result in debilitating effects that can change your personality, make it harder for you to remember things, and increase the difficulty of every day tasks. 

Our Founder

The Publication Founder, Lloyd Duhon suffered an Acquired Brain Injury from an anti-malarial medication (Mefloquine) in 1992-93. After over 25 years of suffering with no answers and improper diagnoses, Duhon uncovered the truth of his injury and has since focused his energies on learning the best means of thriving post injury.

Fortunately, in his trials and studies, Duhon has learned that there is hope for a better life after injury. Mind Matters seeks to share tips and techniques to help  the injured live their best life. 


We promise the reader to only share techniques and tricks that have personally worked, and are backed with scientific research. We will not post unproven, unsafe therapies or treatments. Advertising dollars will not be accepted from companies selling products to brain injury survivors. We will not permit infomercial articles that pump up products or services. 

The bottom line? We will present honest articles, with honest feedback. Our goal is to help everyone with brain injuries reach their potential, whatever that potential is.

Thank you for trusting us as a source of valuable information for those who have brain injuries and their caregivers.

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Mind Matters
Mind Matters

Living your best life after brain injury.

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