Earning free cryptos on Reddit!

By Minae | Mina | 2 May 2021

It’s been about a year now that some subreddits has implemented moons, donuts and bricks, but how do we earn them? 


To start with moons, you can earn them in r/cryptocurrency as well as r/cryptocurrencymemes. You can make posts, comments on these subreddits and earn karma with upvotes which turns into moons.

1 karma ≈ 0.40 moon and each moon ≈ $0.11

The payout is only once per month around the 10-15 day of each month. With posting a little bit each day, I made about 500 moons which is about $50! Not bad! 

Beware, you cannot post if you have less than 60 days or less than 500 karma but you can still comment! There is also an up limit of 15000 karma (so about 6000 moons or 660$)



Donuts can be earned in r/Ethtrader, the same way as moon with karma, 1 karma is about ≈ 1 donut on there. Each donut is worth about 0.018 at this moment and it is also distributed once a month! 


Last but not least, bricks! Bricks can be earned on r/fortniteBR. You get about 1 brick for 5 karma (so 0.2 brick/karma) and each brick is worth about $0.011.

You need AT LEAST 100 karma to be eligible to brick in this one! Distribution, the same as the other ones, once a month! 

I hope we will see more subreddits with cryptos in the future! beware of respecting the rules of these subreddits, not shitposting, no content theft... you know the drill! 

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