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Sounds totally stupid right, to good to be true you say, well guess what its not!

I have spent years playing wasting time money and components trying to get scrap gold, and with having children around who are always getting into things I can’t have dangerous chemicals around.

So now on too what you want to know……..

Go to your local dollar store and buy a few little plastic containers with lids, a plastic measuring cup a bag of coffee filters and a round bowl to lay it in one bottle of distilled white vinegar, 1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide and lastly a container of salt.

Now take gold fingers strip them down just a few  to start so you can see how it works and how long it takes usually you will see results overnight but depending on temperature and how thick the plating is. Put them in the container with now take the measuring cup and add 200ml vinegar and 200ml peroxide and pour in the container and sprinkle salt over top of the fingers put the lid on and let it sit the solution will turn kind of greenish but that normal now when you check on it the next day either the components will be clean or you may have to brush the gold off (I LIKE TO USE CHOPSTICKS) but if you did just a few they should be clean if not put them back in to soak add a little bit more salt and let soak. Now once you have all the little gold sunk to the bottom of the container you can strain it through the coffee filter and you will get large flakes caught up in the filter make sure you are straining it into the bowl, DO NOT DISCARD THE SOLUTION!!!!!!!  For 2 reasons 1 you can reuse it, it stays pretty strong for awhile depending on how much you do and 2 you didn’t get all the gold out of the solution.

Now when you are done processing what you have and your solution is dead add plain tap water not a lot just about 50ml and let your solution evaporate this will take a long time but there is still gold in there and every bit counts now after its all evaporated you should have crystal looking crust at the bottom that’s salt and gold you can either add more water until its just gold or proceed to melt like you normally do. Hope all this helps it works for me thanks and have a great day!!!!



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