Yesterday I was able to earn money to do nothing

By mikowsky743 | mikowsky743 | 6 Aug 2020


Yesterday I gave you one type for today at 11 o'clock forgive me for a mistake :) In order not to modify this post several times, because in my opinion it makes no sense, this yesterday incorrectly given match is moved to today :) Generally, I could include this bad game in the statistics later, but today I won't have much time :) I hope you understand. Good luck .

Results of my yesterday suggestions : 

Mark Selby vs Noppon Saengkham -------------------> Selby win match (snooker) (odds. 1.25) This match is for today. I just got my days wrong :)

S.Donieck vs VFL Wolfsburg -----------------------> under 3.5 goals (odds. 1.48) ✓ (3:0)


My effectiveness: 73.85% (48/65)


Today I also have some interesting types to play. Remember, you play at your own risk and, above all, not for all the money.

Wolves vs Olympiacos  ------------------> wolves advance to the next phase (odds. 1.32)

Ryan Peniston vs Henry Patten ------------------> Peniston win match (odds. 1.27)

Mark Selby vs Noppon Saengkham -------------------> Selby win match (snooker)


May the good luck last all the time. Good luck :)


In conclusion, I am asking you to appreciate my 


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