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By mikowsky743 | mikowsky743 | 13 Aug 2020


Unfortunately, the last days of my performance are very poor, I am still losing my earned money. Personally, I was considering letting go for a while, but I came to the conclusion that thanks to my way of staking matches and betting on high odds, I will turn out to be positive over time, despite lower efficiency. Please treat offers with low rates as a form of entertainment and a real form of earnings because in the long run it simply does not pay off, unlike one offer each day with a rate of 2-6. Today we play again 2.25 for $ 16 to bounce off the bottom :)

Results of my yesterday suggestions :

Houston Rockets vs Indiana Pacers ------------------> Houston Rockets win match (odds.1.24) X (104:108)

Atalanta vs PSG -----------------------------> over 3.5 offside in a match (odds. 1.70) X (2 offside)


The result of high odds

Ershistie Tigry vs Ledoviy Desant ---------------------> Ledoviy Desant win match in basic time / stake 6$ (odds.2.25) X (7:7)(8:7)


My effectiveness: 70.00% (56/80)  /Low odds 

The effectiveness of high types 33,33% (1/3)                              Profit or loss from playing high odds ------------> -5.69$


Today I also have some interesting types to play. Remember, you play at your own risk and, above all, not for all the money.

Liaoning vs Guangdong -------------------------> Guangdong win match (basketball) (odds.1.30)

Serena Williams vs Venus Williams --------------------> Serena Williams win match (tennis)(odds.1.45)


High odds worth playing

Tsentrovye Kulturologi vs Sinie Tigry --------------------> Tsentrovye Kulturologi win match in basic time / stake 18$ (odds.2.25)


May the good luck last all the time. Good luck :)


In conclusion, I am asking you to appreciate my




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