My tips for today (analysis) It's time for a big profit.

By mikowsky743 | mikowsky743 | 7 Jul 2020


Today I come to you with one of my passions here talking about betting on sporting events starting from football to table tennis. The idea to start publishing my suggestions was a very interesting article by one of the users of our community, you have a link to his articles here, read because it's really worth it ;) 

Every day I will try to give my suggestions and results I achieved the previous day. Remember, you play at your own risk, I only give my suggestions that I think are worth playing every day.

Today's proposals with quick analysis


Crystal Palace vs Chelsea ------> Chelsea win match 

Today Chelsea will face Crystal Palace. The blues currently occupy 4th place in the Premier League giving them the opportunity to play in the Champions League, but 5th place I have recently been in excellent form Manchester Utd. Crystal Palace is a typical average of the current season, they occupy 14 positions, so they are calm about maintaining and rather no chance for European cups. Chelsea have to win this match to dream of playing in the Champions League.

Watford vs Norwich --------->  Both teams will score

Both teams do not occupy high places Watford 17th position and Norwich 20th position. We cannot say anything good about the play of these two teams. Norwich is a definite candidate for relegation, Watford is also not sure of his maintenance. In this match I have a feeling that there will be a fight for every piece of the pitch. Both teams need points so I think there will be a lot of shooting opportunities in this match, which in my opinion will turn into goals for both teams.

Lecce vs Lazio---------> Lazio win match   

What can you say about this match after the last defeat Lazio with AC Milan has moved away from the fight for the championship title but they still have hope in themselves. As we know well, today is the Milan vs Juventus meeting. Simeone Inzaghi certainly counts on the stumbling of Mauricio Sari's band. Lecce is a team in 18th position, they have lost their last 6 meetings, which in my opinion doesn't give them the slightest chance with Lazio.


Cracovia vs Legia Warsaw ------> over 1,5 goal (For the brave wins of Cracovia bearing in mind that the meeting is played in the Polish Cup)


Now I will take a look at the meeting from my country Cracovia vs Legia in the Polish cup. The team from Krakow recently won at their stadium with Legia Warsaw in 2005 and here comes the statement whether they will manage to break this unfavorable run? Personally, I am tempted by the proposal to win Cracovia at a 4+ exchange rate but I leave it for the brave ones and of course for a smaller amount. Now let's go to the analysis of these teams: Cracovia in the last 6 games has easily covered the line above 1.5 goals while the legia only in the last 2 matches. The team from Krakow will undoubtedly want to reach the final and win it to advance to the European league qualification, while the legia needs only 3 points in the table to secure the championship in the Polish league. Bearing in mind that these are cups, the Warsaw team can give up the meeting.





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