It was so close to earning $ 100

By mikowsky743 | mikowsky743 | 22 Jul 2020

Yesterday we didn't manage to earn, but we give up and attack another coupon. I would like to remind you that betting should be treated as fun, but it does not change the fact that with my effectiveness we also earn.


Results of my yesterday suggestions : 

Atalanta vs Bologna / over 2.5 goals  X (1:0)

Clemens Gabriel vs Ratajski Krzysztof / Ratajski win match (dart) ✓ (10:12) 

Hicks Andy vs Evans Reanne /Hicks win match (snooker) ✓  (6:3)


My effectiveness: 78.38% (29/37)


Today I also have some interesting types to play. Remember, you play at your own risk and, above all, not for all the money.


Manchester UTD vs West Ham -----------> Manchester UTD win match 

Matej Sabanov vs Pavle Daljev ------------> Sabanov win match (tennis)

Poland vs Germany ------------> Poland win match (volleyball) 


May the good luck last all the time. Good luck :)


In conclusion, I am asking you to appreciate my work so that I can continue to work in this direction with such enthusiasm.


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