Again, I am right and still earn money

By mikowsky743 | mikowsky743 | 6 Sep 2020

Welcome everyone,

My yesterday's suggestions turned out to be completely correct and we managed to earn some money. Coupon with low odds 2/2 and progression finished on the 2nd degree where I hit the rate 2.20 :) May today be an equally good day.

Results of my yesterday suggestions :

Gibraltar vs San Marino---------------------------------> Gibraltar win match (League of Nations) (odds.1.46) ✓  (1:0)

Mertens E. vs McNally C. ---------------------------------> Mertens win match (tennis) (odds. 1.18) ✓  (2:0)

The result of high odds

Omsk vs Dyn. Moscow -------------------------------> Omsk win in basic time (KHL) (odds.2.20) ✓  (2:1)

Stake 6$ 


My effectiveness: 72.84% (118/162)  /Low odds 

My  effectiveness of extra prediction : 100% (1/1) 

The effectiveness of high types 34.61% (9/26)                Profit or loss from playing high odds ------------> +125,13$


Today I also have some interesting types to play. Remember, you play at your own risk and, above all, not for all the money

Hungary vs Russia ---------------------------------------> Russia win or draw match (League of Nations) (odds.1.28)

Spain vs Ukraine -------------------------------------> over 1.5 goals in match (League of Nations) (odds.1.27)

Slovenia vs Moldova ------------------------------> Slovenia min match (League of Nations) (odds.1.34)


High odds worth playing

Niżnekamsk vs Podolsk -------------------------------> Podolsk win match in basic time (KHL)

Stake 2$ (odds.2.07)


May the good luck last all the time. Good luck :)


In conclusion, I am asking you to appreciate my

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