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How To Use MetaMask- The Ultimate Guide

By mikedcrypto | mikedcrypto | 24 Mar 2022

How's everyone doing?

I made this guide so beginners could have a resource to learn from. I also cover more advanced topics in the guide as well.


00:00 Intro

01:00 What Is MetaMask?

01:21 How To Install MetaMask

03:04 How To Set Up A MetaMask Wallet

05:07 How To Connect A Hardware Wallet To MetaMask

08:00 How To Add Custom Networks To MetaMask

09:21 How To Send And Receive Crypto In MetaMask

13:15 Checking The Status Of A MetaMask Transaction

14:00 How To Add Custom Tokens To MetaMask

17:06 Advanced Gas Controls 18:28 Customize Transaction Nonce

19:29 How To Fix A Stuck Transaction On Ethereum 27:53 How To Cancel An Ethereum Transaction

28:15 How To Swap Tokens In MetaMask

29:23 How To Import An Existing Wallet Into MetaMask

31:26 Conclusion

MetaMask Article On My Website

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Crypto enthusiast and free speech advocate. I make videos and articles about different cryptocurrency projects. My videos are mostly news, reviews and tutorials.


I am a crypto enthusiast since 2015, and free speech advocate. I write articles and make videos where I share reviews, news and tutorials about different cryptocurrency projects.

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