Short Story Challenge - Day 6

  As I promised, this month I will do another writing challenge, this time the focus will be on storytelling, and I will try to immortalize a fragment of life, a short story about something that made me wonder, being that an idea or a peek into a stranger's life. Enjoy!

Decisions, fairy tales, and a few other toys (12.11.2022)

Sometimes I am pretending that I am just born, or that I just landed on the planet Earth, and I am disguised, in a mission to discover how people are here. Despite its futility, this is an interesting exercise. It is all about changing your point of view and starting once more as a blank slate. No prejudices, no preconceived ideas, no bias, or any other fancy words like that. It is all about being all into the action, as the subject and not as the subject at the same time.

Some call this one meditation, others gave it a complicated German word name that I do not know how to spell. But the names are irrelevant. What is the good part, is that you can expand out of your daily shell, and become something bigger than your previous self.

It is funny then how the world will change, and all that seems so tense, and stressful before, is completely irrelevant right now. All that we experiment with is usually in our head, as a set of standard responses to standard situations. Triggered by every familiar situation. In a way, we are like some meaty robots, with the programs loaded by the family, school, job, university, church, or whatever spaceship you came from.

But the real adventure, the real life, starts when we are face to face with the unfamiliarity when something appears that is not in our standard set of instructions. Then, for a moment, we catch a glimpse of what we really are, and one time too many, we do not like it. Nothing that will take us out of our warm, comfortable life is good enough, because, when you face the unknown, you cannot hide, you cannot find any excuses, and you cannot put on any mask. You need to be authentic, you need to be your real self.

And hear this, there are some people who are doing this on purpose, who are searching the unknown for the sake of it. I pity the fools. Let's hide once again behind our words, behind our masks, behind our comfy life, and continue to live like every other day until now. Growing up is painful. And I told myself last time, I will avoid this, again and again. If I can.

Time to go to sleep, and forget about the wonders hiding in plain sight.

See you tomorrow.


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Mihalache George Catalin - Author
Mihalache George Catalin - Author

George Catalin Mihalache published his first book in 2015, his 30 years work into poetry, called 'Indescriptible'. available only in the Romanian language. He is also working on few other books and published about subjects related to short fantasy stories, biochemistry, diet, nutrition, memory enhancing techniques and impostor syndrome. After a couple of published books related to macrobiotics, he is trying to come back to his first love, fantasy short stories.

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