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Inwards - outwards focus and the reality of an universal 'conspiracy theory'

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” (Rumi)

This is indeed the best strategy, because is implying to work with ourselves first, before we try to change another person. But often we forget about it, and we blame the other for our own shortcomings. And then the balance of our relationship is moved even further. Think about this, when was last time when you sincerely admitted that you were wrong? This also remind me of a story of a Zen monk, asking his master why she needs to get enlightment for herself first instead of helping the humanity to progress. The master told her that is much easier to wear a pair of slippers than to cover the whole Earth with carpet. 



"The dedicated life is the life worth living. You must give with your whole heart."

- Annie Dillard -


If you have a goal, if you focus into something, your overall brain activity is increased, you perform better, you are acting better in response to the environment, you are even energized and ready to use some unknown resources to fuel your pathway. Don't be aimless, find a meaning in your life. There is no dream too big, no project too small. Find your courage and do the first step.



Today's gift for all my readers


For the Traveler

by John O'Donohue


Every time you leave home,

Another road takes you

Into a world you were never in.


New strangers on other paths await.

New places that have never seen you

Will startle a little at your entry.

Old places that know you well

Will pretend nothing

Changed since your last visit.


When you travel, you find yourself

Alone in a different way,

More attentive now

To the self you bring along,

Your more subtle eye watching

You abroad; and how what meets you

Touches that part of the heart

That lies low at home:


How you unexpectedly attune

To the timbre in some voice,

Opening in conversation

You want to take in

To where your longing

Has pressed hard enough

Inward, on some unsaid dark,

To create a crystal of insight

You could not have known

You needed

To illuminate

Your way.


When you travel,

A new silence

Goes with you,

And if you listen,

You will hear

What your heart would

Love to say.


A journey can become a sacred thing:

Make sure, before you go,

To take the time

To bless your going forth,

To free your heart of ballast

So that the compass of your soul

Might direct you toward

The territories of spirit

Where you will discover

More of your hidden life,

And the urgencies

That deserve to claim you.


May you travel in an awakened way,

Gathered wisely into your inner ground;

That you may not waste the invitations

Which wait along the way to transform you.


May you travel safely, arrive refreshed,

And live your time away to its fullest;

Return home more enriched, and free

To balance the gift of days which call you.





"Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing him or herself"

- Leo Tolstoy -


Here you have one alternative view to our almighty internal noise. Check the link.

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Mihalache George Catalin - Author
Mihalache George Catalin - Author

George Catalin Mihalache published his first book in 2015, his 30 years work into poetry, called 'Indescriptible'. available only in the Romanian language. He is also working on few other books and published about subjects related to short fantasy stories, biochemistry, diet, nutrition, memory enhancing techniques and impostor syndrome. After a couple of published books related to macrobiotics, he is trying to come back to his first love, fantasy short stories.

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