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By Miggyfr | Miggyfr | 18 Jul 2019

What is Health Goth Guide?

Hello, my name is Miggy Ferrero Rocher from San Diego, California. I am writing this Health Goth Guide blog because I will discuss what I think are the best ways to help people that are suffering with depression, and the best ways to be able to help cope with depression. I am going to write a collection of essays, blog posts, and quick notes covering several issues encompassing: fitness, nutrition, motivation, depression, love, relationships, success, and maybe spirituality. This blog will attempt to explore things like: how to cope with loneliness, how to mitigate the effects of depression, increase awareness for suicide prevention, how to become certified in crisis counceling, and I'm sure there will be other things.


What is Goth?

A Goth is someone who finds beauty in things others consider dark and mysterious. Things like dead trees, things with skulls, dark castles, vampires, demons, and other things of similar nature are fascinating to a goth person. It is known that the prefered color to dress with is black, but a goth person is not limited to only wearing black. [See different types of goths.] Being Goth is not a phase it is something that a person simply is or isn't. 




What is a Health Goth?

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental,and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

Being a Health Goth means completely embracing the Goth lifestyle and adoption the healthy life style as well. 

These are some examples:

Normal people eat some lean chicken and veggies in a bowl, meanwhile Health Goth people eat the same meal out of a plate with skulls.

Normal people wear bright & colorful Nike clothing and apparel, meanwhile Health Goth people wear band tshirts with cut up sleeves, skull bandanas, Blackcraft cult Satanic legings, and black Nike training shoes.

Normal people listen to Cardi-B or maybe AC/DC while working out, meanwhile Health Goth people listen to Rammstien and KMFDM in their workout mix.

Brandon Lee of The Crow and Kate Beckinsdale of Underworld are great examples and role models of being Health Goth.


What is the goal?

I need to write several academic papers as a requirement for admission to a university that I would like to attend to get my Masters in Psychology with focus on clinical reasearch. 

I want to open a forum and create a community to be able to discuss ideas, increase awareness, and provide support to the best of my abilities.

I want to mention companies that support the goth lifestyle and maybe talk about their products.



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My name is Miggy Ferrero Rocher


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