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Mother's Day Omelette for My Wife

By stevenvanelk | Midwestern Cooking | 9 May 2021

Woke up early today to make breakfast for my wife because it's Mother's Day. My wife loves omelettes, so I ran to the store to pick up a few supplies we were lacking. Mainly, I needed to get bacon and avocado, but while I was at the store I might have snagged some chocolate caramel candies for her as well and some whip cream.

First thing when I got home, I made my wife a drink. The other day we got coffee at a donut shop. I ordered a frozen mocha which came with whip cream. My wife asked for a drink and said she loved it, but just the whip cream on top. Not the rest. She jokingly said it was all she wanted for Mother's Day. So, I filled a coffee mug up with whip cream and had the kids bring it to her in bed. I also made a cappuccino and sprinkled a little cinnamon on top, but I waited till she stopped laughing to have the kids bring that in to her.

Then I got to work. I diced a red onion and threw it in a frying pan with a little olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. Then I diced a red bell pepper and threw that in the pan with the onion. While the pepper and onion were cooking, I got another pan out and threw some maple bourbon bacon on it. Then I cut the avocado up into pieces and grated some gouda. Once the bacon was finished I moved it to a plate with some paper towels. I cut half of it up into pieces. I pulled the onion and pepper off the frying pan and set them aside.

Then came the hard part, I cracked 3 eggs and beat them with a fork in a small bowl. After that, I put them in a non-stick frying pan over medium-low heat and kept swirling the eggs around in the pan every few seconds. After a few minutes the eggs started to set and I added the filling I had prepared to the middle. So I dumped some of the onion, pepper, avocado, gouda, and bacon into the middle. Finally came the hard part, I had roll the omelette and put it on a plate. I failed the first time and my eggs broke apart.

failed omelette

So I beat three more eggs and started the process of cooking the eggs over again. This time I put a little of the left over bacon grease on the pan. This seemed to help a lot with keeping the eggs from sticking to the pan. So, the second time I did alright. After plating the omelette and adding the extra bacon I had cooked to the plate, I added a pinch of sea salt and black pepper to the omelette and drizzled a little sriracha on top to add a little kick. The second omelette turned out better (but I forgot to get a picture till it was half eaten).

side cut of an omelette

All in all, this was fun. Plus my wife said she loved the omelette, so it was a win. And I got to eat one of the omelettes since my wife said she wasn't going to eat two (I offered though, it's her day after all). Now, I just have to do the dishes and clean the kitchen.

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Midwestern Cooking
Midwestern Cooking

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