what does hodl, whale and BTFD mean

The glossary of the most used terms in the blockchain universe so you can take your first steps without panicking.

Whale. Hash. To the moon. The language of the bitcoin universe is also cryptographic. At least that's how it feels for someone just starting out in the crypto world. Browsing Reddit, forums, Telegram groups, or bitcoin pages on social media can make anyone deadly unfamiliar with the terms that blockchain enthusiasts use.

Many of these terms come from the world of trading. Others are typical of this technology that came to revolutionize even the dictionary. There are concepts invented by the flowery ingenuity of the community, coined by users to refer to terms that until now did not exist and others that were resignified to adapt to this new digital era.

Altcoin: Any other cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency that is not bitcoin. Some of the best known are litecoin, ethereum, dash, monero, zcash, among others.

ATH: ( All time high ). Term used in trading where a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, or any currency or crypto asset, shares or reaches a new maximum value.

Ashdrake: Known trader and focus of many jokes in the community for having lost a lot of money betting against bitcoin in 2015.

Barry: By Barry Silbert, an investor, bitcoin enthusiast, and founder of Digital Currency Group. His name became popular when he won an auction for 48,000 bitcoin; carried out by the United States Government in 2014.

Bags: The addition of crypto assets in your position. An informal way of referring to selling assets (bags) at a price before their debacle. Hence the term "I was left holding the bag".

Bagholder: Refers to a person who bought and holds cryptocurrencies hoping that the price will rise in the future in order to make a profit.

BTFD: ( buy the f ** n dip ). The act of buying a crypto asset while its price is falling.

Bullish: Investors who are optimistic and believe that the price of a good will rise in the future.

Bearish: Traders who think that the price of a good will fall in the future.

Bulltard: Word game between bullish and retard, for mental retardation in English.

Corn: (corn in English). Another way of saying bitcoin; a pun that was derived from calling it bitcorn and then shortening it by corn.

Dump: The act of quickly selling an asset either by force or by conviction, flooding the market and drastically dropping its value.

Deadcat: A rebound of a stock that was coming down. It refers to that beyond the bounce, it will not rise again (hence the idea of ​​"dead cat").

Dox: It is the action of revealing private information of a token or an individual and publicly exposing it to the crypto community. In general, a hacker does it maliciously.

DYOR: ( Do your own research ). "Do your own research" is the literal translation from English, to know if it is worth investing in a cryptoactive. There are many people interested in promoting certain cryptocurrencies or tokens, so they recommend before buying, reading and learning.

FIBO: It comes from Fibonacci. A tool for technical analysis of a price.

FUD: (f ear, uncertainty and doubt ). An abbreviated way of saying "fear, uncertainty and doubt".

FOMO: (fear of missing out). The "fear of being left out" related to the purchase of cryptocurrencies. Sentiment encourages hasty purchases.

Honey Badger: (Ratel or honey badger in Spanish). One of the nicknames for bitcoin. It comes from the name of a carnivorous mammal known for being "the most fearsome animal in the world". It is a reference of those who believe that bitcoin can, like the animal, defend itself very well and, no matter how much they attack it, continue its march.

HODL: The word hold, keep or save, was misspelled by a bitcoin enthusiast in a discussion forum and has since referred to the action of holding the cryptocurrency and not selling it. In other words, endure volatility without selling.

Jihan: Jihan Wu is the co-founder of Bitmain, one of the world's most recognized bitcoin mining mining companies and computer manufacturers. He became one of the proponents of bitcoin Unlimited, a solution to the bitcoin scalability problem.

Lambo: An abbreviation of Lamborghini, a high-end car that became fashionable among crypto millionaires. An aspirational ideal within the community.

Long: (or long position) is the purchase of a good (in this case a cryptocurrency) with the expectation that its value will rise at some point.

TA: Technical analysis. A trading tool used to assess and identify market opportunities by analyzing different statistics and using tools and recognizing price movement patterns.

Fork: It is a temporary ( soft fork ) or permanent ( hard fork ) divergence in the blockchain. It can happen either because of a change in the consensus algorithm or some other change in the software.

Maximalist: Someone who believes in the power of bitcoin so much that he believes it to be superior to any other altcoin.

Meth: Refers to ethereum in a pejorative way.

Noob: It is a derivative of the word "newbie", which means newbie, and refers to a newcomer to a certain topic.

Parabolic trav: A tweeter who rose to fame for claiming that bitcoin's price rises on a parabolic curve.

Permabulls: An investor acting consistently with the expectation that the value of the shares and holdings of a share or crypto asset will increase.

Pleb: An abbreviation for commoner that refers to those jealous people who do not own bitcoin.

Pump ( pamp ): It means pushing the price. Inflate it. Buy aggressively to drive up the price. Whales, companies or organizations can do it.

Ramen: For ramen noodles, the cheapest noodles in the supermarket. In the community it is the opposite of Lambo.

Rekt: Term that comes from gaming. It means completely destroyed or ruined.

Relong: ( go long again ). Buy back a crypto asset.

Roger: By Roger Ver, a renowned bitcoin investor from the early years. Today he is a bitcoin cash promoter, libertarian, and bitcoin enthusiast as a way to achieve economic freedom.

Short: Invest in the future speculating that the price of the asset will drop.

Segwit: It comes from Segregated Witness (separate witness). A technological improvement to make transactions more efficient.

Shilling: The action of interestedly promoting a cryptocurrency.

Saj: He is a French bitcoin influencer on social media. It is a permabull and a maximalist.

Saj Candle: When there is a large green "candle" (candle is a bar on a trading chart). The "candles" are created with the movement of the rise and fall of the price.

Shitcoin: An altcoin not as well known as bitcoin, litecoin, or ethereum. It may also be one that lost its value over time or one that turned out to be a scam.

Stablecoin: A crypto asset whose price is derived from a stable good (or basket of goods) or currency (s). This limits price volatility. The quintessential stablecoin is the USDT (tether) which is backed by the dollar.

To the moon: The literal English translation is "to the moon". An expression used when the prices of a cryptocurrency reach a new all-time high.

Vinny Lingham: He is a renowned South African entrepreneur co-founder and CEO of Civic, a platform that encrypts identity related information on the blockchain.

Vitalik Buterin: He is a Russian programmer and writer known primarily for being the co-founder and leader of Ethereum and the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine.

Wallet: An application in which bitcoin or any other altcoin is stored. It allows you to receive and send digital money to another user anywhere in the world. It works through cryptographic keys.

Whale: In English it means "whale", it is the name given to those who have large amounts of bitcoin and their movements influence the market price.

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