My experience with Brave and BAT
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My experience with Brave and BAT

By Mick | Mick3954 | 14 Jan 2020


Just explaining my experience with Brave and BAT and what I learned along the way.

This is all my experience and I am not a crypto genius so take my investing advice at your own risk. 

It all started back in 2017 when my friend convinced me to look into more fringe crypto currencies. At the time I had a Coinbase account and some bitcoin but he said I should look into BAT. I did a little research and thought it was an interesting concept and because it was run by the guy that worked on Mozilla I figured I would get some of it. At the time it was more of a pain then I thought it would be. I had to get a Binance account and more crypto from my Coinbase account and then convert it to BAT. (Life is much easier now that BAT is on Coinbase) I never really made any money off of BAT because when the slump of 2018 and early 2019 I sold everything off at a loss (I know I should have been patient and let not bought high and sold low). But being aware of the project and liking the idea I got Brave as soon as it was available to me, with the dream of rolling in the crypto dough when I was able to watch adds. The fantasy of most crypto enthusiasts, become a billionaire over night with zero effort!!

The reality is far different then that while I haven't made billions I have learned a lot from the experience. In my opinion there are 3 ways to take advantage of Brave and I would recommend its use (it won't hurt to give it a try, it's free and takes a minute to install).

1 It is a great browser and has saved me over 31 minutes according to the start up page. The reason I like it so much is because it blocks the adds on YouTube which I use quite often. This is reason enough to get Brave in my opinion.

2 You can use the platform to tip creators (people that have registered with Brave and created content) this can reward people for providing content that you enjoy. It is a much better model then the basic YouTube add based one which give YouTube the ability to withhold money from those they don't approve of or don't like the content of. For example anyone who mentions a gun in their videos will most likely not receive any revenue from YouTube. Also YouTube as reduced it's payouts to the point where almost every popular creator is now adding in a paid promotion into the video to bypass some of YouTube's control of revenue. Brave and BAT is a great way around this, giving control directly to the viewer to pay who they like to watch and to encourage the creation of similar content. This was the intended use of Brave, in my opinion it needs to become more popular for this to become a reality. Not enough users are watching adds and then tipping creators for creators to reliably funded. There is a possibility that with will change in the future and there have been some major strides taken by Brave and popularity is climbing causing it to double in the last year. Adding popularity will hopefully bring in more major advertisers and help increase the amount of BAT earned per advertisement viewed.

3 The last benefit that you can get from Brave is making money! Think of browsing the web as a crypto miner that slowly makes you money over time. This was what I was originally interested in. I ended up becoming a creator on YouTube just so I could pay myself the money I earned watching adds. While this is not the intended purpose of Brave it did work and I have made a whopping $13.00 since adds went live back in May. This is with adds turned up to max (5 per hour) and me making a conscious effort of clicking on them and at least viewing them halfheartedly. Obviously the value of this can change as the price of BAT goes up, but don't expect to become a billionaire watching add.   


My experience with Brave and BAT.

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