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Give Bitcoin (BTC) as a surprise gift? With Flitz you can send Lightning gift cards

By MichDon | MichDon | 5 Apr 2020

You can already find detailed explanation about the Bitcoin Lightning Network on Publish0x. There are many fun things to do with these lightning fast and cheap payments. Someone has developed a website with which you can give someone satoshis in the form of gift cards.

Bitcoin Lightning Network

But first briefly: with the Lightning Network you pay, as it were, outside the Bitcoin blockchain to open through payment channels.

Only when you close the payment channels, the balance on the mainchain is settled. This allows you to send very small amounts of BTC through these payment channels in a network of peers. So you can also give this BTC to someone else, something that can be problematic and take a long time with euros and dollars in small amounts.

The idea is called If you already have a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet, you can easily get started with it yourself. For those of you who haven't ventured into Lightning yet, there are plenty of options to get you started. Well-known Lighting wallets are Breeze (non-custodial) and Blue Wallet (custodial). For people with their own node, Zap and Zeus are both well-known options.

If you already have such a wallet, you can send a friend (who doesn't know Lighting yet) an amount in sats as a gift! He receives a step-by-step plan in his email to claim these satoshis.

It works as follows: you, as a person who gives away these satoshis, pay the desired amount on your website from your Lightning wallet. Just before you do this, enter an email address of the recipient.

Then this satoshi becomes claimable with some kind of reverse invoice. For example, the person in question can get Bitcoin (BTC), while he knows nothing about it and does not have to be prepared.

A voucher with a simple explanation will then be sent to his email. Not all wallets are currently suitable for the receiver. You must download one that supports lnurl. These are for example the Blue Wallet, Lightning Wallet, Wallet of Satoshi, Phoenix and Zap.

But everything about this is clearly described in the voucher itself. If you follow the steps in this, nothing can go wrong.


By following these three steps, you have helped someone get a Lightning Satoshi gift.

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