Trail Running Journey of Perception.

By michaeljn | michaeljn | 24 Aug 2019

I am new as I have stated in previous post so still feeling my way around, this is my fist attempt at understanding posting a video, so please bare with me. Please set quality as high as you can, this video was shot in 1080p

This is a Trail running video I made which was done in the heart of KwaZulu with my bestie George my dog who goes out on trail runs with me all the time. We love spending time exploring different places along the Midlands Meander in KZN and usually run through forests and Nature reserves and we occasionally lucky enough to stumble across some wild life which includes and array of different African wildlife.

This would often include Zebra, Buck Rhino and a variety of smaller creatures, I love nature and all its beauty and I purposefully go out in search of natures splendor, hope you like the video, and please feel free to leave a comment or any advice with Publish0x, I appreciate any comments good or bad. all just a learning curve.

Thank you for checking this out.

Have a great weekend, find the beauty.


All content video etc. all original work shot on GoProHero6 Black

Music: supplied by GoPro Quick app.

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