GoPro Hero6Black SloMo Test with George doing some "Dognastics"

By michaeljn | michaeljn | 26 Aug 2019


Try to set at highest resolution if you can to get the best quality, video shot in 1080p

This is my pup George doing some crazy Dognastics, he loves the camera and goes NVTS whenever I point it at him. This was filmed just before we went on a run, so he was pretty excited. He knows exactly when we going, the minute I put on my running shoes he loses his mind with anticipation. I cannot belive it has been 9.5 years already when I first picked him up when he was 8 weeks old.

The time has just flown by so fast. He has become my best friend and is my most consistent running partner. While others may make excuses to go running, he never does. I actually think it is because of him that I have maintained a fairly healthy lifestyle. Because as much as I enjoy having him along on my runs, he is probably a large part of why I run in the first place.

Really not sure what I would do without him, I do not want to even think about it, The vet did say that his breed lives to between 10-15 years, so I guess I better really enjoy every last minute I spend and have with my buddy.


The image is of him at the river taking a dip in the water with my Nephew after we crossed over the mountain through the forest he loves jumping into the cool water to refresh, before be carry on.


Testing the quality of the slow motion feature of the GoPro, this was set at 1080p 120fps 800iso stabalization on sharness high wb auto shutter speed auto those setting always seem to work best, I may set a higher iso if I go into thick forest area to maybe 1600. Those setting do allow a bit more wiggle room when doing slow motion and does not end up all jerky.

Anyways, it came out pretty good, for a first try, will be posting some adventure trail videos of actual trail races we have out here in KwaZulu, up on mountain tops and through rivers and across white sandy beaches along the East Coast of South Africa.

Stay Tuned :-) Happy Monday everyone, find the beauty.

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