Earn Money with Adsrepay!

Earn Money with Adsrepay!

By MichaelD | MichaelD | 21 Sep 2020

Hi guys I recently join this site they have tons of survey and I earn $1.10 in just an hour after registering without using referral, I will show you my stats so this article is pure honesty and no gimmicks to you I will also tell you the positive and downside of this site but before that here are my Proof of Payment and Stats points I earn in just a day!



I receive my payment after only 1 day but the site says 1-3 day but I got mine earlier As you can see after I register at Sept. 18 I earn 90points! You only need 125points to cash out As you can see on Sept. 19 I receive my $1.10 after 1 day process! You only need 125points to cash out! Payout via Paypal or Amazon gift cards they don't accept Crypto. Here are the surveys not only Yuno but many more like PeanutLabs and 7 more!


(note I use my referral for 5% bonus points) Thank you 😂❤️👌



  • Tons of survey available than other site its amaze me check it out!

  • 1$ low minimum pay-out (125points) each survey around 60points if you do 2 survey like me then you could payout instantly! They also provide bonus points as well

  • Not only Survey they also have Videos to watch that could earn you 1-2 points you don't need to watch it just skip it to the end and other task but I prefer only Survey and videos. Trust me they will just waste your time.

  • Friendly platform and Easy to navigate not like Ysense

  • No delay after finishing a task or survey the points credited right away in your dashboard!



  • I'm not good at Survey I frequently rejected because I am honest? So this site is best for those good at doing surveys but don't worry even you got rejected they have tons of task to refresh and give to you to test again.

  • When withdrawing they deduct a fee in your income just like this!

Thats it! If you think its a scam then you could research it but you don't need to research anymore since I provided a proof of payment and my review already here 😂

Thank you guys! I hope this would help you to earn extra especially to those students or people that good in doing surveys! Again this is the link to register.

Have a nice day! Leave a comment for questions I will reply to it ASAP.

This is from my article in read.cash.



I admit I'm a newbie started at April 2020 but I am sure you are a newbie too when you started in cryptocurrency so let's invest and be succesful in this opportunity. I'ts not too late


I'm a newbie to the cryptocurrency but almost have knowledge into it. I am sure that everyone will be rich if invested and hodl in a right coin or token. Lets get that Lambo!

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