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Over-the-Counter Crypto trading made easy: SwapSpace


The Era of swapping crypto assets with hassle is now a thing of the past with Swap Space. The pain of going through multiple exchanges to find the one that supports certain tokens/coins pairs is over. You can trade your crypto directly from your wallet without a centralised Exchange. This is possible through a platform such as spaceswap


Space swap is bringing so much value to its users and solving some of the difficulties experienced during the exchange of crypto assets. I have tried to identify some of the ways space swaps do it so well below.



A deep dive into the swap space shows that crypto exchange among different sovereign blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, Cardono, Tron etc is possible without KYC(Know your customer) compliance. The difficulty sometimes associated with the KYC process include waiting for days and weeks before getting approvals from some exchanges which are usually frustrating especially when you want to do a fast trade.

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 Supports Multiple blockchains. 

Most Exchanges support a narrow scope of blockchains which requires users to always search for supporting centralised exchange to be able to swap from one coin to the other. For example, swapping from Solana based network coin to a Binance based network coin is usually not straightforward and easy because most blockchains support a particular set of tokens in their network, for example, to swap tokens on Uniswap requires compliance to the Ethereum main network(mainet) that is the coins must be an ERC- 20 token. Also, sometimes some centralised exchange will deactivate deposit and withdrawal for hours which could sometimes run into days and weeks leading to set back particularly when speed is of necessity. 

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ZERO Direct Charges 

Swapspace does not charge any extra charges apart from charges done from the exchange partners.

Variety of Exchanges partners

Users have opportunities to choose from numerous exchange partners with various price quotes and tighter spread that prevent arbitrage


Speed in Transaction 

The transaction is faster because all happen on the space swap platform by simple imputing the transaction detail in few minutes saving ample time that would have been expended in moving from one exchange to the other that support the exchanging pairs

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High liquidity Guaranteed

With numerous options of exchange partners with large trade volume, the transaction is faster because the spread is tighter

How to sign up on SpaceSwap and passive income

Go to the spaceswap website 

For a simple guide on how to use Spaceswap and FAQ visit

You earn from every trade done using your affiliate link.

The spaceswap API can also be integrated into your platform

This is what an affiliate link looks like


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Michael Olanipekun
Michael Olanipekun

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