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How to earn Free Extra Crypto without investing a Dime: (Passive Income Series 1)


Have you come across the general saying that: "the poor work for money and the rich make their money work for them".

The Crypto market is currently a Trillion dollars market. The current market peaked above 2.5 trillion and plummet down. It currently hovering 1.5trillion and I .8trillion. 

According to the Triple-A report for 2021, the current estimated global crypto ownership rates is at an average of 2.8%, with about 200 million crypto users worldwide of which  59 million is domiciled in Asia, 38 million Europe, 32 million in Africa, 28 million North America, 24 million South America and 1 million  Oceania.



This Data and many more make crypto a big deal. One major problem of participating in this life-changing economy is the lack of capital to invest which is something that I can relate with having also been once in your shoe.


In this article, I will be exploring how you can earn passive income through service barter in the Crypto space. Yea service barter! service barter simply means offering service to earn extra cash. This cash can pile up to form your capital for the next crypto gem or serve as another viable source of income.




There are numerous ways to earn in crypto.. attempt as many as possible so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

  • Bitcoin Faucet. In Bitcoin Facet you offer services to earn coins. These services including doing a survey, watching a video etc. You can sign up with my referral link below Cointiply



  • Airdrops and Bounties: Airdrops and Bounties and free coins and tokens earned by users of a project. An example is a recent airdrop is Uniswap. This was given to all users that ever interacted with uni swap 400 $UNI tokens which current above $16k at is an all-time high. You might want to check future airdrops on 





  • Reading and writing: Sure, You get paid for reading likewise for writing sounds interesting right, yes crypto is interesting. A. major platform that does this is PublishOx. In PuclishOx you get incentives for reading and writing





  • Using of Products ( browsers): You can also earn for using some blockchain products. By using Brave browser you can earn $bat


Final Thought

As a final thought, you can actually earn crypto in hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars without a direct monetary cost. However, you will always bear a cost which is usually in time spent in using a particular product like brave browsers or writing an article and reading an article on publishOx , performing a survey or other services on Cointiply.






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Michael Olanipekun
Michael Olanipekun

I am passionate about research in Finance, Big Data, Blockchain, Game theory and Artificial Intelligence

Michael Olanipekun
Michael Olanipekun

The blog will focus on using a Data-centric approach and in-depth research from my wealth of experience investing in crypto, DEFI and NFT. Content will focus on educational content in Financial Market, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence and everything in between. medium @michaelolanipekun Linkedin :

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