Earn passive crypto income by playing games and mining for free ! Tips to improve earning

By Mezza | Mezza | 26 Apr 2021

Have you like my self ever dreamt about earning crypto without doing a thing ? Yea i'm sure that's the case, everyone would do that...but is that truly possible ? 

Well, technically it is, but in order to achieve this, you'll have to do something cool : play games !

What is this website ?

You can register on the website here to get 1000 satoshis for free to start : https://rollercoin.com/?r=knuip759

After you have registered, you will have a friendly user interface.

RollerCoin allows you to create your own mining environnement. This can be done by playing funny games like Flappy Bird or Candy Crush alternatives. 

Each game you play adds power to your computer, and the more power you have, the more crypto you mine.

You can get a better computer by playing a certain amount of games. For the first upgrade, it's 20 games, then 40 for the second, and 60 for the last. The PCs expire in a given time, but you have to play at least each 24 hours to keep them and keep your power, otherwise, you'll have to start from scratch after a certain time.

Depending on the computer you have, you'll mine more or less faster.

You can choose between these 4 cryptos :


The BTC, the DOGE, the ETH, and the RLT, which is RollerCoin's current cryto. His value is set to be 1$ for 1 RLT almost.

I'll give you at the end of the article some tips to improve and optimize your earning.

Actually, if you don't play for 24h, you'll loose the power you have accumulated during this hard work.

But, Roller Coin did something smart... : allow us to buy racks and miners to avoid this constraint !

How do the racks and miners work ?

Actually, racks are needed to place and hold miners. They have a specific number of case, between 6 and 8.

A miner can take up to 2 cases maximum.

But why are the miners useful ? Because it gives us power, sometimes a lot, and the power lasts FOREVER.

The only disadvantage is that they are really expensive, and you need to mine a lot to be able to get them.

Unless you send crypto on RollerCoin to boost your mining or to buy them directly !

Currently, there is a really interesting offer at 99 RLT to get 110k Gh/s power which is enormous ! Don't miss this !

You can also split the power between different cryptos but i'll give more details about it in the Tips section.

What are the games ?

You have many types of funny games to play :


Honestly, between us, they are really fun to play with because they look like very known games (such as Flappy Bird, 2048, Candy Crash etc...).

Each game has 10 difficulties, each one is divided into 3 levels. You climb up in level for each win and you get a higher difficulty when you won the 3 levels. The more difficult the game is, the more power you get.

Let's jump into the most interesting section...

Tips to increase and optimize earning

Ok, so i'm going to respond to questions i asked myself already :

   1) What are the games which offer the best rewards ?

Actually, i tried out all of them. The best ones by far are Coin-Flip, Flappy Rocket, 2048 and Coin Match (in terms of reward, time and difficulty).

   2) How should i split my network power ? Which crypto is worth more to mine ?

You can check the network power on your profile.

Actually, after many tests, i find something interesting, the less the people mine the crypto (the less network the crypto has), the more you earn.

And currently, Ethereum has the lowest network power of all. You can earn between 2 and 3 times more than BTC or DOGE. I also advice to mine a bit of RLT because miners and racks can only be bought with RLT,

So here is my split : 80% Ethereum and 20% RLT !

   3) Is it necessary to invest in RollerCoin ?

Not at all. You can mine for free anytime you want without investing a single dollar.

However, if you invest, you'll be able to buy miners and mine faster with them without playing 24 hours a day.

   4) What's the minimum withdrawal ?

The minimum withdrawal is set to 0.0001 BTC, 0.008 for ETH, and 150 for DOGE. It takes a lot of time, so be patient. It is passive income, and it's very interesting if you act wisely on RollerCoin !

The website is serious and always paid his members, so don't worry about it !


This is a real opportunity as the site is new and the rewards are quite substantial. Plus, cryptocurrency is going to evolve a lot in the coming years, so imagine if you mine efficiently... You'll be quite happy in 1-2 years!

It's completly free but you can invest to speed up your mining rate, but it is not necessary at all !


I hope you guys enjoy this article, thanks for reading and use the comment section if you have any questions.

Have a nice day ! :)





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