Jumptask: What's that, Is that worthit ?

By SoPoor | Methods to earn FREE CRYPTO | 24 Sep 2022

The web3 gives us the possibility of winning a lot by being in first. But to do anything in Web3 you need cryptocurrencies and you can buy them. If you don’t want to buy any crypto money, welcome to my post where you will know how to get some crypto for free.

In this document, I will try to show you how to start earning crypto on and if it's worthit or not.


JumpTask is a decentralized platform that allows users to earn money by completing simple microtasks, such as surveys, app downloads, free trials, paid offers, and watching videos. Payment is provided in the form of JumpTask's own cryptocurrency, called JMPT TOKENS, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

One of the primary ways to earn JMPT TOKENS on JumpTask is through surveys. These surveys can pay anywhere from $0.8 to $20, although higher paying surveys are rare and may require users to level up in order to qualify for them. To be successful with surveys on JumpTask, it is important to provide accurate and consistent information. Survey providers are incentivized to serve better, higher paying surveys to those who accurately and consistently fill out their surveys. They tailor surveys to your profile, so making sure that you are consistent with your replies is vital. In fact, survey panels penalize those who provide invalid or inconsistent information, or information that violates their terms of service (e.g. age under 13).

It is also recommended to avoid using ad blockers when completing surveys on JumpTask. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have been doing a survey and it just crashes? Well, check if your ad blocker is on. Ad blockers have the potential to break some of the survey providers' rules and prevent the survey from crediting or functioning normally. Additionally, surveys on the weekends tend to be very scarce in availability, which means you are more likely to get disqualified at every survey attempt, causing frustration. Avoid doing surveys during the weekends, and instead focus on completing them during the week, as they are usually at their peak during this timeframe.

Using a computer rather than a smartphone will also increase the effectiveness of completing surveys on JumpTask. Almost all surveys are optimized for PC devices, so completing them on tablets or phones will be less effective than using a desktop or laptop. Using an external mouse on a laptop will also improve the user experience, as it will allow you to comfortably move through the survey. Finally, patience is key, as some surveys may be time consuming or may take a while to be credited.

In addition to surveys, app offers are another way to earn JMPT TOKENS on JumpTask. Some app offers pay users to download apps, while others pay for reaching a certain level or opening a certain number of cards. These offers can pay up to $100, but they can also be time consuming. Free trials are another option for earning JMPT TOKENS, but it is important to remember to unsubscribe in order to avoid subscription fees. Paid offers may also be available, but it is important to carefully consider the cost versus reward to ensure that the reward outweighs the cost.

Watching videos is another simple way to earn JMPT TOKENS on JumpTask. It is similar to watching YouTube videos with ads, but users are paid for their time. Staking is another option for earning JMPT TOKENS on JumpTask. Because users earn their own cryptocurrency and can also buy tokens, JumpTask offers the opportunity for users to earn returns of 18% to 34% per year through staking.

In addition to these options for earning JMPT TOKENS, JumpTask also offers the opportunity for users to earn JMPT TOKENS through bandwidth sharing. By allowing JumpTask to use their internet connection to help businesses with traffic needs, users can earn $0.8 per GB, as well as an additional 10% bonus for using JumpTask.

Overall, JumpTask provides users with multiple opportunities to earn cryptocurrency through a variety of simple tasks. By following best practices and carefully considering the cost versus reward of each task, users can maximize their earnings on the platform. By participating in a variety of tasks and utilizing all of the available options, users can increase their chances of earning more JMPT TOKENS on JumpTask. It is important to carefully read through the details of each task and to be aware of any potential costs or risks associated with them. By taking the time to fully understand the opportunities available on JumpTask, users can make informed decisions about which tasks to complete and can maximize their earnings on the platform.


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Methods to earn FREE CRYPTO
Methods to earn FREE CRYPTO

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