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By SoPoor | Methods to earn FREE CRYPTO | 18 Sep 2022

The web3 gives us the possibility of winning a lot by being in first. But to do anything in Web3 you need cryptocurrencies and you can buy them. If you don’t want to buy any crypto money, welcome to my post where you will know how to get some crypto for free.


Today I will be speaking of faucet sites, which were created when the first crypto where developped.


    Disclaimer : I just want to make it clear that I am not sponsored by any of the sites I link to, I just want to show you my favorites and give you as well as me advantages on those sites that I think work the best.

In this part I will only talk about faucet sites that just do that, I won't talk about the sites with other offers that I'll talk about in another post.

What is a faucet site ? 

  A faucet refers to  all websites or apps,  which pays tokens to its users for the task they perform: signing up for a newsletter, playing a game, or viewing ads. And most of the time these sites offer three ways to earn cryptos.


How to earn cryptocurrencies on faucets ?


The first method to earn cryptocurrencies on those websites is to just come on the site, without an adblocker, resolve the captcha and earn satoshis (Satoshis is the lowest unit possible in the crypto world). Most of the time, you can come every 24h and claim less than a cent.

The second method is by watching PTC ADS (Paid to Click). To earn money with this method, you just have to click on an ad, watch it for a certain duration (depending on the payout rate) and complete a captcha.

The third method is just as easy as the other two. It consists of clicking shortcuts that will take you to sites full of ads. You will have to stay on these sites for a certain amount of time (~30 seconds) without an ad blocker and as soon as the timer is over, you can claim your earnings.


How to withdraw the money ?


With the faucet, you can earna little bit but the most of the time, you will not earn as much as the GPT sites. All the faucet sites will give some extra bucks every month for not doing much but don't think you will earn thousands of dollards. Personnaly using thoses 4 faucets sites, I make around 5 $ per month for around 10mn for all 5 sites in a day. To withdraw the cryptocurrencies, because of the low amount, you will be withdrawing, the most faucets sites will send you the money on site like faucetpay where you can create and send cryptocurrency for free. The others sites will just make you wait until you get at least 1-5$ to withdraw on your usual wallet. This is because when you withdraw 0.5$ and you get 3$ fees, that not worthit for you and the site. So to earn some bucks, I recommand at least 2 different faucet (for my list or not). By making that, you will earn more than using Publis0x for writting articles :)


Some faucet sites (not sponsored links, but referrals links) :



Thanks a lot for reading ! If you have any question, you can ask them in the comment section

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Trying to make money using WEB3 opportunities

Methods to earn FREE CRYPTO
Methods to earn FREE CRYPTO

In this blog, I will show you all the methods I know to earn some crypto every month. I don't guarantee you thousands of dollar but at least 30$.

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