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Quid Est Realitas? The Uncontaminated Metaverse of the Red Pill Savages

By Pol Chain | Metaverso | 21 Dec 2021

Civilization or barbarism? The existing world, the one out there, the one seen from the windows of houses, universities and offices, the Real Reality (RR) has already tried Civilization. The verdict of the election is debatable

Photo by Tim Johnson on Unsplash

Now there is another deliberation in the world of Virtual Reality (VR), the one inside the Metaverse, which is entered through the screens. Should the civilization of Reality Reality be transplanted to the Metaverse or let the irrationality of the virtual barbarism rule?

The first reality has been domesticated with ideologies, science, insanity, wars, information technology, industrialization, management, revolutions and catastrophes. The virtuality has not yet and there the untamed barbarism is the vast majority who want and seek to stop the invasion of institutionalized totalitarian minds. The brutality of the inhabitants of the screens contrasts violently with the passivity of the walkers of the reality windows. The order of reason that disposes of the will and the will that adjusts to the passions is the patron of Real Reality, but in Virtual Reality it is the passions that take over the will and the will takes over the reason. That messy and chaotic world awaits crossing the threshold of the black mirror. It is not for everyone, it is not the land of cowards or pre-formatted minds. It is the adventure of going out to find dragons, of starting lysergic conversations without arguments, it is the homeland of anarchy so longed for.

The passers-by who pass through the crystals of Real Reality with their hearts that feel, their minds that think, and the guts that sometimes drive them to act without thinking or feeling are like Neos with blue pills. The hot desire to feel is tempered. Explosive anger is contained with fortitude. The virulent will is repaired by justice. And the obscured reason is saved by prudence. Feelings can be fragile and vain. They are manipulative and deceptive. They are never an absolute certainty. So it takes a huge leap of faith to blindly (or visibly) trust someone. We can lie and be betrayed in an instant. What was built in years is likely to fall apart in seconds. Total security does not exist from the heart, because the heart has reasons that the heart does not understand (Blaise Pascal). The chorus of voices from the ‘Legacy’, the status quo corporations, and inertia ring in exaltation as they march vehemently toward the Metaverse.

The mind, for its part, is fickle and capricious, unstable and changeable. It can operate in incomprehensible ways, permanently self-deceiving even its wearer. Believing only in one’s own psyche can lock that devotee into an infinite morphine whirlwind. Thoughts are weak and perishable, fleeting and limited. The mind alone is a bad advisor. The meek majority, however, fall unfailingly into the comforts of choral, refined and seductive judgment. The stars of social networks rise above the submissive consuming wills, leveraged by the gurus of Internet 2.0. and the bureaucrats of the servers and mainframes. The Megamind has dominated the last 30 years of web browsing.

The guts, on the other hand, are crude in their truths. It is the red pill that leads us to learn disturbing or life-changing truths. They are usually more sincere and not misleading. When there is serious hunger, the wild hunger for the survival of the African plain, the reasons and feelings have almost no place. Viscera mobilize more than great ideas, for good and bad. They are as dangerous as a pride of hungry lions. They are the last bastion to dominate for massive, institutionalized and ethereal assaults. They are still fragile in reality, but tenacious in the Metaverse. Crouching ferocity awaits in the virtual cosmos.

The soul of things, the essential and deepest part of being, is a synthesis of heart, mind and instincts. Probably countless creations arise from there. Its mystery and indeterminacy make it unaffordable and impenetrable. Therefore, because it is unattainable with the mind, body and feelings, it is relegated to a lesser place. She becomes the bastard sister locked in the tower, an enigmatic man in an iron mask, a murdered carpenter or an innocent philosopher sentenced to death. The silent, meek and humble soul does not protest, it just waits for everything.

But the wicked mind with the charm of it is praised and rewarded with laurels. She shines enlightened and illuminating like the goddess of reason, like the queen of cards, who has ruled totally for centuries. Her superficial, efficient and scientistic reign is anathema to spirit, depth and savagery. They always offer the blue pill, tamer and calmer of instincts to subjugate and enslave.

Now is the time for the Metaverse and its intangible materials. The triple hermeneutic of virtual things that will build this unforgettable place. The ethereal, immaterial and invisible space from which new forms will be born. The mind, how could it be otherwise, is governing its destinies, marking its path and defining everything. Given this, it is necessary to fear that the Metaverse will be invaded by the mere translation of the great actors of the physical earth. This doesn’t have to happen! In life we have three options: to be spectators, to run or to commit ourselves, said the nurse from City of Joy, Roland Joffe’s film. It is time to commit from the inside, from the soul of things, and prevent the minds that dominate everything from staying with the incipient virtual space. You have to rebuild the physical from the virtual… from the inside! We have to get into the Metaverse system in order to have a viable future. You have to compose love songs so that they reach people’s hearts… Maybe that’s how they understand what we mean. The only way there is to truly change the virtual or real world is… From the inside!

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