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By mgllrd | Metaverse Blogy | 2 Dec 2021

We are in a period where dozens of Play to Earn are appearing every day. However, not all of them have the characteristics required to last. This is why I am going to present "The Sandbox", a decentralized metaverse where you can create the virtual world of your dreams.

The Sandbox is a cubic community metaverse (fictional world), where anyone can create, publish and monetize their virtual experiences.

You can acquire virtual land (LAND) and all kinds of NFTs on their marketplace. In addition, the platform provides two creation software, used to create and monetize your own 3D creations, all free of charge and without special expertise.

Voxel Editor: Create and animate your NFTs
Game Maker: Create 3D games / environments
Marketplace: Buy / Sell NFTs

The currency of the game: the SAND token mainly used to buy assets in the marketplace, be it virtual lands, equipment for your avatar and many more.

In this metaverse you will be immersed in an ecosystem where you can group together the NFTs coming from various metaverse, in the same setting or environment. Your imagination will be the only limit to your creativity.
The Minecraft-like metaverse was also the subject of a recent collaboration with acclaimed rapper Snoop Dogg.

It is possible to earn SAND token by monetizing its content created by you or by renting and showing visitors its virtual lands.
You can then earn tokens through the Play2Earn mechanics, that is, by playing some of the games on The SandBox.

“LANDS” represent digital real estate or virtual plots of land that can be bought or rented by users.

The Sandbox is more than a game, it's a whole ecosystem close to ours and it allows you to achieve things with almost infinite combinations of how to open a bar, a nightclub or even a casino.

Don't wait, now is the time, it is not too late for that toss.

Join me now: Click here for join metavers

Thanks for reading me and sorry for my english im french lol :)

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