The Path to Enlightenment (SERIES #4) Super-conscious Mind, Deeper than the Subconscious
The Path to Enlightenment Series #4 Superconscious Mind Christ Consciousness Buddha Consciousness Higher Self

The Path to Enlightenment (SERIES #4) Super-conscious Mind, Deeper than the Subconscious

By Cameronomnia | METAPHYSICS | 25 May 2020


Everyone has heard of the subconscious mind. Psychologists and consciousness researchers agree that the subconscious mind contains much more information than the conscious mind can access at any given time. But Wait! Did you know that there is actually a level of mind that is deeper and more powerful than the subconscious? This lever of mind is called The Superconscious level. This level is actually the deepest part of mind that we can access in our reality. Some individuals call this level the Higher Self at other times it is referred to as Christ or Buddha Consciousness. And if you've never heard of this level of consciousness you are not alone it wasn't until I began to study Metaphysics that I discovered this level and the great understanding that is present when you have access to the Real Self.

The consciousness of each individual is expressed in three distinct levels of mind. These are: The conscious, subconscious, and Superconscious mind.


The conscious mind is connected to the physical brain. Its use in the physical world allows us to learn and make decisions through our experience gained from the five physical senses. As we move through the stages of growth our capacity to learn expands. The subconscious mind contains the storehouse of knowledge built over many lifetimes. It is also the level of dreams as well as intuition. The Superconscious mind contains to plan for the individual to attain enlightenment. The ultimate power source behind our power to create, experience, and live comes from this level of mind. In harmonizing the conscious and subconscious minds we are able to reach for this level of awareness. Here is where our true Self is connected to all of creation. By evolving the way we think we can apply our lives to fulfilling the soul’s purpose on Earth. Our potential for growth is unlimited when we devote our lifetime to gaining success through conscious creation and understanding.

What we seek to experience from others we must develop in ourselves first. Honesty with our own shortcomings without judgment brings recognition of our desire to be the change we wish to create. Commitment to the process of development means the constant effort required to garner wisdom. To become a knower means - all that we seek to find, can and will be known to us if we are faithful in our practice. Expansion of the self is made a real part when we share the Self freely, encouraging the light of our true Self to shine onto the world. Our true self is the one who is behind all of the illusion we hide behind and run away from. All our avoidance can never hide our own true nature. Yes, we are created in the image of God. That image is of the Creator, as creators ourselves, yes even of our own realities. 


(note:  I added from my own understanding of the elements that relate to the astral levels air is lightest fire is second, then water and finally earth. Because manifestation starts with the thought of it then the strong feeling or emotion then the cooling down of the emotion and finally the grounding down into physical.)



Is The Spark of the Divine
 Within, Throughout, Around, and Pervading all of this reality.
Us , we, thee, and thine are one in the same,  so what's in the Name of God?

If you ask, you shall know.  Seek and you Find. That which you look for is also looking for you.
Oneness is known at the Highest level of mind. If you are looking for answers all of the answers you can ever ask are answered here.
However , you may not be satisfied with the answers than you find in Superconscious mind.

The Superconscious is a holographic part of consciousness. Each individual unit of consciousness is called an I AM.  Because Superconsciousness is like a hologram, each individual part separated from the whole contains the information necessary to rebuild the whole entire mind. This is a key to the mystery of consciousness how it cannot be created or destroyed. In this way the Superconsciousness is similar to a fractal or to DNA. Fractals create infinite branching mathematical patterns of patterns all based on the origin point and go on forever. DNA also has the ability when inserted in a proper cell to regrow an entire individual organism based about the original code contained in one cell. From The beginning point you find endless complexity.


So, here is how Superconsciousness comes into play on you Path to Enlightenment.  

You are not separate from the Divine. The Divine is within you Always and cannot be separated from you even at the point of physical Death.
This does not mean you cannot die, you most certain can and do, and as I believe now, you and I have and will most likely continue to die over and over again. Yes death is what we all agree to as the inevitable conclusion to all earthly incarnation.

There is hope because as evolution works in the external world, the Law of Evolution, Which is one of the Universal Laws that govern Creation ensures that our souls are also always evolving. The inevitable conclusion of all our Earthly lifetimes is waking up to a higher level of Consciousness and reality. YES , there are higher realities and dimensions than this one and one of the ways to begin to know these levels of existence is to listen to our Higher Self and our soul urges. That still, small voice that knows right for us. There really isn't a true Right or Wrong in the universe all is for the purpose of learning. Our Higher Self knows deeply what is truly right for us as individuals. That knowing could be said to be our Conscience but it is more like our guiding feelings. These feelings within us tell us when we are working in harmony or out of harmony with the universe. 

In order to contact the super conscious you can meditate, you can ask for it to be revealed to you, you may pray, you can just sit and breathe in nature and it will reveal itself to you . For me My Higher Self has a way of coming in to my being in dangerous or pivotal points in my life. When I have an extremely difficult situation some times my Superconscious mind takes over, guiding me to speak the truth or make a choice that I seem paralyzed at making myself in my journey. This for me has even saved my life on many occasions and I am extremely grateful for this.

The Superconscious mind only knows truth, being deeper and older than the subconscious it is a place of simple and altruistic wisdom than cannot be deceived.

So now that you have an idea of what Superconsciousness is, would you comment below if you have ever had an experience of Superconscious mind.

I hope you have enjoyed this writing, please leave any questions you may have below.
Thanks for reading!


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I am a student and teacher at the School of Metaphysics. I have been studying metaphysics for about 3 years now. As I gain knowledge and experience I realize that the true purpose of the light that we create in the world is the sharing and passing on of this light that is conscious creation. I am a supporter and adopter of crypto as i see it as a very powerful, necessary and world changing step towards a more idea based future.

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