#MetaHash (MHC) : my favorite staking coin. (up to 89% annual)

By CONTACT95 | #MetaHash Fan | 10 Apr 2020


Experimenting and following MetaHash since quiet one year. The technology is attractiv and transaction are extremely fast (up to 3 seconds tx approval time, and actually 100k TPS)

The wallet is easy to install (you can download it from Inside this wallet you can easily participate to #MetaForging and delegate MHC for forging (with a minimum of 512 MHC). You can withdraw your coin at any time. 

Forging revenue are about 0.16% per day of the amount of your coin delegation (for 100K MHC, you will receive daily around 160 MHC. If you re-invest your daily income you will reach 89% annual (Therefore you will need a minimum of 330K MHC or add 512 MHC daily).

Regarding the value, MHC seems to have touch his bottom recently (@ 0.0015 USD/MHC). The value starts now to grow with a target around 0.0050 USD/MHC in the next coming months.

With an investment of 100 USD you will currently buy about 40k MHC (,,, if you delegate them you will have a total of 63k MHC, if price climbs to 0.0050 after one year, you will have at end a total of 315 USD..... this is really good.


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#MetaHash Fan
#MetaHash Fan

Cryptofan since 2013, and experimenting MetaHash since June 2019...

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