ETH : already a coin of the Ice Age ?

ETH : already a coin of the Ice Age ?

By CONTACT95 | #MetaHash Fan | 29 Apr 2020

Since the recent raise of ETH, gas and wei fees suddenly rised parabolic, transactions on etherum network works extremely slowly (more than 2 hours to send 6 DAI from my Metamask Wallet + 0.18 USD gas fees paid in ETH, + 3*0.13 USD lost in failed transaction on Uniswap. Impossible to close ETH contract due to high gas fees: more than 3.000.000 gas (approx. 18,00 USD) to close an ETH compound contract for 20 DAI !!! Impossible to make a swap exchange on Uniswap..... and so many more.

There is absolutely no pleasure and no fun to work on Etherum : personnally I consider this technology as obsolete....


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#MetaHash Fan
#MetaHash Fan

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