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<i>"All things that end must have a beginning" --?

A couple days ago, as I was closing out Brave Browser tabs after a lengthy session of bookmarking BAT (Basic Attention Token) friendly websites from a list, I came across a Brave Verified Publisher known as LADbible.com. At first, I was tempted to trim the site from my bookmarks as it was yet another news and media website. It seemed like a cool site, but I try not to unnecessarily clutter my bookmarks as I have many sites to reference for this type of content already.

So I visit the URL and check to decide whether or not to delete it, and that there was no other reason to keep this bookmark saved except for I having blindly added it to my bookmarks for simply being pro-BAT. There were varying articles about many different topics, including Scientific Discovery, Viral Videos, Medicine and Entertainment. I skimmed around and noticed at the bottom of the categories menu located at the top-right of the main page, there was a grey rectangle-shaped icon with what appeared to be an image of the crushed bones of the deceased with the words "EXTINCT" written across.


Curiosity was piqued...

I clicked the ominous hyperlink at the bottom of the page not knowing what to expect, afterall, LADbible seems fairly uninhibited in publishing unfiltered testimonies of what is reported in the real world, similar to the controversial and heavy content of VICE or other "Raw" media outlets. I'm definitely not being critical of these sites or their philosophies and will let them speak for themselves. The link for LADbible.com's About page is below[ref0]

To my surprise, it was what I had been looking for a news site to emphasize on for some time.

"Extinct: A Race Against Time To Save Our Endangered Species".

Not just an article, but an entire category on the subject. They're technologically progressive AND they actually ( read: actually ) give a damn about the other living beings we share this planet with? They are really syndicating for Nature? Perhaps they "Get it" that Earth is not just a planet for the benefit of humans, and that all forms of life have participated in the dance of life and death, we often refer to as evolution, for millions of years.

"But, many species have come and gone before. Surely we wouldn't be here in abundance if the dinosaurs or Ice Age predators hadn't become extinct themselves. Shouldn't we just accept this and move forward?"

No. The difference is the absurd imbalance of human ability to destroy for the increased gain of simple conventions such as policy, profit, and comfort. Not always intentionally, though at times they do, modern humans are destroying species at an alarming rate with irreversible consequences. These do not just include isolated ecosystems many see ourselves separate from, but our own well being also. Mosquitos and other disease carrying animals have been blamed for the deaths of up to 50 billion humans throughout history.[ref1] When we destroy a significant number of the disease carriers' predators or competing species and their habitats, they are now aligned to reproduce exponentially. Bats ( total coincidence, I assure you no puns intended ) have been struggling from disease and destruction of habitat for decades. They obviousy supress many flying animals from reproducing beyond balance. This is just a vague example yet irrefutably logical.

Before continuing, I should announce a disclaimer of sorts regarding this article. In no way am I affiliated with or obtaining payment from LADbible.com ( Or anyone for that matter ) or parent/sister companies. I've just recently discovered an abundance of sites promoting cryptocurrencies and a better world and web. Infact, this is my first Publish0x article and I'm completely new to the online content creation world also. I am starting a new company called Messer.Tech which will someday contribute to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math and how we should strive to improve our symbiotic relationship with Nature. We're in this together now afterall.

LADbible.com/extinct will remain in my bookmarks folder indefinitely so long as they continue to promote education and awareness in the Natural Domain. The only gripe I have is that the link to "EXTINCT" was at the bottom of the categories page. Buried but hopefully never forgotten.

Dev Messer

[ref0]: https://www.ladbible.com/about-and-contact

[ref1]: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/mosquitoes-deaths-new-book-details-history-battle-between-man-and-mosquitoes/

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