Why d'you still trust Shmusks? #boycotTesla

By MermaidChaser | mermaidchaser | 13 May 2021

shmusk the fraud

Do we have to have anything in common with untrustworthy shills and hypocrite shmucks like this one? Crypto space most definitely can do without such. "The process of bitcoin production pollutes the environment". Haha. Don't his batteries harm the environment while being produced or utilized? #boycotTesla and boycott this guy is the only solution to dealing with the frauds like him. Elon (Sh)Musk is the name to remember.


He either ain't too bright or something worse. "Make humanity a multiplanet species!" he exclaims in his pinned tweet. How's the guy gonna combat deadly radiation? Either way too ignorant or just selling you complete bullshit. Scumbag!


Make your own conclusions.

#boycottesla #boycotElon




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