War Chaang Battle Challenge || Ep. #19 || Splinterlands

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 1 Sep 2020

This week's battle challenge focuses on the War Chaang:

They say that in the great battles on the other side of the world, Hellaphants were trained and outfitted as massive monstrosities of war. It was not generally believed that Hellaphants could be controlled until the Ferexia Torch began its Chaang Project. Hellaphants were abducted en masse from the Wastelands of the Unknown and taken to the training grounds near Mittreya's Hand. There, the Hellaphants were forged into soldiers to carry soldiers. They were molded into a new type of war machine, called Chaang.  




I didn't have the card and for the challenge I went onto the market to purchase it. It's an interesting card as it has dual ability namely; melee and range attack damage. My experience with the card is very limited however I can see it being very useful in certain rule sets. 



The rule sets for the battle was Equalizer and Up Close & Personal Only with a mana cap of 17. My strategy for the battle was to capitalize on the War Chaang large health to provide the rest of my monster with high health. However, my heart sunk once I saw my enemy's monsters - the probability of winning the battle went to 0%. I paid the price for not having the War Chaang at a higher level - we stood no chance against the higher level Flesh Golem and Minotaur Warrior. The battle was swiftly over and I was humiliated by my enemy. In hindsight, I do think the War Chaang can be a powerful monster but its necessary to upgrade it to make it useful in the higher leagues. Full Battle Replay

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