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By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 29 Apr 2021

With ever-increasing cards in splinterlands, there are more missed cards than those that are played. Everything that isn't favoured is usually dismissed as suboptimal or weak, and certain monsters bear the brunt of this mindset.

No Attack monsters come in a variety of sizes and forms. No Attack monsters provide various ways to protect your friendly monsters and health, from healing buffs to armour. They're good enough to change the course of a battle and also offer players a shot to succeed if given a chance. There are many of them, but here are ten that some players should think twice about having in their decks.

Note: this list was produced by looking at the data (provided by @jacekw) for the last 9-10 seasons and analysing monsters win percentage and usage.

10. Dragon Spirit


Low mana cost Dragon with good health and valuable abilities depending on the ruleset.

9. Warrior of Peace


A reward card that I get at least once a week from the daily quests rewards - chunky health and quite popular in the lower leagues.

8. Albatross


A negligible cost monster that becomes useful once unlocking the tank heal ability.

7. Truthspeaker


An incredible monster that applies many buffs - one to look to getting and levelling up!

6. Lord Arianthus


The king of no attacks! I was surprised to see it this low on the list, but due to being used so frequently, the overall win percentage was lower than the top 5!

5. Onyx Sentinel


I had previously written that the Onyx Sentinel is a cheaper alternative to Lord Arianthus, and funny enough, it's ranked higher than Lord Arianthus in this list!

4. Shadowy Presence


This card is relatively useless at lower levels, but it becomes excellent when it gets levelled up by applying battle-winning buffs.

3. Angel of Light


The only card on the list that I don't own. It's one of those pricey Beta/Alpha cards that have become more expensive as time has gone on. It has those essential buff abilities that often aid in clinching the victory.

2. Kelp Initiate


A card that I haven't appreciated as much as its rank shows. I don't use it often, but it appears useful based on usage and win percentage.

1. Failed Summoner


It may have failed at trying to be a summoner, but it's winning at being a monster. With magic being so prominent, the higher the leagues you go up, it makes sense that the Failed Summoner is so often used and has the highest win percentage.

The final list

These monster cards do not seem powerful as they inflict no melee/ranged/magic damage, but they make or break a battle for you!



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