Road To The Glory Land - Update 26 | Splinterlands #292

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 4 Aug 2023

Another week has passed in my challenge to owning a complete Chaos Legion Regular Foil Set and Land, and I will closely monitor and transparently share all details about the challenge in these posts.


Road To The Glory Land - Update 26


During this week’s town hall meeting the splinterlands team enthusiastically discussed the release of Land 1.5 which is scheduled for August. Although they didn't provide a date the team is excited to observe how this update will enhance player engagement and overall gaming experience. There are some challenges ahead such as filling Land plots and optimizing rewards. The team remains dedicated, to continuous improvement. The recent implementation of the ban bot proposal has received feedback from players who are thrilled about fair gameplay and the games promising long-term future.







Land Fund Budget: A 2nd Land Plot Purchased


What a week it has been! With various changes and challenges to address, I find comfort in writing these blog posts that help me track my progress and stay accountable. As the season in splinterlands came to an end I went through my routine of cleaning up and managing rewards at the end of each month by converting all funds into the challenge I'm actively pursuing. Notably, I took advantage of an opportunity. Purchased another Land plot—a magical one—, within the same region/tract I bought my first Land plot. It felt like perfect timing as I had recently withdrawn HBD and used it to secure the Land plot for $110. The remaining portion of the budget was converted into DEC serving two purposes; staking monsters to develop the Land plots and hoping that, DECs value aligns with its intended peg of 1000 DEC to $1.



Update on the Land Market


The Land market is booming, with the Land index experiencing a 12% surge. As we eagerly await the release of Land 1.5 the prices of all Land plots have skyrocketed. I'm thrilled that I acted quickly and managed to secure a Land plot for $110 especially considering that the cheapest magical Land plots are now valued at $139. The question, on everyone's mind is whether this price surge will continue. It's difficult to predict. Given the positive sentiment surrounding the game, it seems likely that excitement will only grow stronger when Land 1.5 finally becomes available.


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