Road to Opening 1000 Chaos Legion Packs - Week 40 | Splinterlands #222

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 16 Nov 2022

Another week has gone by in my challenge to open 1000 Chaos Legion packs, and I will closely monitor and transparently share all details about the challenge in these posts.


Road to opening 1000 Chaos Legion Packs Week 40 Update

There is a long-standing superstition in cricket that the multiples of 111 (222, 333, 444, etc.) signify ill fate. Players over the years have tried various tricks to avoid the ill chance of losing their wicket when the score is on a nelson. What does this all mean? Well, today is my 222nd post of splinterlands content. And what a fitting occasion this post is about opening another 20 packs in my quest to complete the 1k pack-open challenge. And boy, it would be fitting for splinterlands to buck the trend and deliver the goods: three normal foil legendaries and three decent rare and epic gold foils. I don't care what anyone says, but when you see the shake of a card, it does give you a rush, even after many years of playing splinterlands. It's been a while since I have had a positive week, but on my double nelson post (i.e., 222nd post), the RNG gods bless me with some awesome cards.




Key Cards


Finally, I can add Soul Fiend to the collection as it has been one legendary that evaded me in this challenge. Also, all the other monsters received this week are highly sought after by me and will be helpful in generating some rental DEC, especially the gold foils. A great week overall!






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