Owning a Complete Chaos Legion Regular Foil Set and Land – Update 3 | Splinterlands #246

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 23 Feb 2023

Another week has gone by, but little progress has been made on the challenge. It can be frustrating when we feel like time is slipping away and we're not making the most of it. This feeling can be compounded when facing a specific goal or challenge, and we do not see the desired results. In the context of the Splinterlands ecosystem, it can be discouraging to see a decrease in rental income, especially if we're trying to reach a particular milestone. However, it's important to remember that progress doesn't always happen linearly or predictably. Sometimes we must step back, reevaluate our strategies, and approach things differently. With patience, persistence, and a willingness to adapt, we can make the most of our time and work towards our goals, even if progress is slow or inconsistent.


Obtain a complete regular foil Chaos Legion set playable in Gold Leagues by the end of 2023 Q1 - Update 3

Last week's update primarily focused on house cleaning, and I made considerable progress on the first challenge. It would always be a tall order to follow from last week's update.


What I find interesting in tracking the numbers this meticulously, you can follow market fluctuations based on the happenings in the splinterlands ecosystem. Splinterlands announced the final Chaos Legion airdrop card and that the Chaos Legion will be ending its print run shortly. This has affected the Chaos Legion cards, with some cards increasing by 10-20% in price.


Key Stats


My first notable purchase was purchasing 1 BCX of Conqueror Jacek, which cost me $22.97. If I had bought it last week, it would've cost me $20, saving almost $3. Nonetheless, this is the risk of running these sorts of challenges, and I fully expect the market to ebb and flow as we go through this challenge. I hope the entirety of the challenge will require half of what I spent on the 1k Chaos Legion pack opening challenge, but this will change as different splinterlands updates flow into the market.



Chaos Legion Set



Chaos Legion Reward Set




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