Broken Arrows Takes Down Lux Vega! | Splinterlands #340

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 2 Feb 2024

This week’s battle mage secrets focuses on the Broken Arrows Ruleset.


Ruleset Details


With ranged units no longer in play the focus now revolves around melee and magic monsters. Crafting a winning strategy becomes a balance between defence, all-out magic, and countering said magic damage. Using abilities like Thorns or Magic Reflect may give you an advantage by offering ways to reduce damage and turning the tables on opponents who heavily rely on melee or magic damage. Now for some players, this ruleset will present a challenge as range monsters tend to be cheaper than magic monsters and monsters with Magic Reflect ability can be pricey. I love playing Lord Arianthus and Prismatic Energy duo in these battles as both monsters have the Magic Reflect ability.


Battle – Full Battle History


Battle Details

  • Mana Cap: 45
  • Ruleset(s): Healed Out, Broken Arrows, Rise of the Commons


Line-up Details

  • Alric Stormbringer (summoner): +1 magic damage to all friendly monsters.
  • Prismatic Energy: magic tank + abilities to provide counter and defence against magic damage.
  • Sea Genie + Venari Wavesmith: support magic damage + health & armor buffs.
  • Riverboat Captain: high magic damage with Blast ability to provide an area of effect damage.
  • Captain Ghost: backline high magic damage tank.
  • Elven Mystic: support magic damage + magic damage hex.


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?


It is always an amazing feeling when you can highlight a battle that results in a victory, but it is especially sweet when it is a victory against the third most expensive summoner in the game – Lux Vega! My lineup was composed entirely of magic monsters with a variety of skills and abilities in play to provide a balance of dealing damage as well as providing defence and counter against magic damage. The Prismatic Energy was an absolute beast of a tank in the battle and was able to survive the entire battle. This is a huge feat as Lux Vega provides all opposition monsters +1 speed, +1 armor and +1 health so that puts this victory into perspective. With Prismatic Energy doing such an excellent job as a tank, the rest of the backline was free to obliterate the opposition with Riverboat Captain Blast's ability being devastating and being key in picking off the backline one by one. One of my most memorable battle challenges to date!


Do You Like the Broken Arrows Ruleset? Why or Why Not?

From my perspective, it’s no secret that I am not a fan of restrictive rulesets that prevent the use of certain cards, but in Broken Arrow ruleset allows me to utilise some of my favourite splinterlands cards as they have Thorns and Magic Reflect abilities like Lord Arianthus, Prismatic Energy, Manticore, and Djinn Chwala. Most of these monsters would be out of reach for newer players as they tend to be from older expensive sets, but with the new Rebellion set, there are options for you to consider like Lioceros, Daigendark Surveyor, Barashkukor and Solace Ashinach. Broken Arrows also offers the chance to predict how your opponent will play the battle – will they go full magic attack, will they go on the defence, etc, which offers you plenty of opportunities to try different tactics and strategies.


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