Biggest Splinterlands Tournament | Splinterlands #368

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 30 May 2024

Last week we had an official splinterlands town hall where lots was discussed about everything that is going on in the game. Also, the team also published a progress map:




As you can see, many things are being worked on, but worryingly this isn’t translated into the sentiment in the market with the splinterlands tokenomics still struggling. Splinterlands looks cheap from the outside, but I don’t know what will get the new players in through the door. We hope that the new player experience that is being worked on will assist with the onboarding of new users.


What is concerning is discussions again about splinterlands financial runway which is the amount needed for the game to run daily. At the end of last year, there were near daily discussions about splinterlands financial runway and at one time, it was looking touch and go at one point, however, the Rebellion set pre-sale and general sale provided a nice boost to the game’s finances. If splinterlands was a traditional business, this would be a normal cycle of business – they offer a product/service to purchase, and consumers purchase it. Now if splinterlands operates this way – I wouldn’t mind, as long they able to offer a solution or provide a mechanism for the long-term sustainability of older cards to maintain their value. What is evident, and not just splinterlands facing this as many Web 3.0 NFT games are facing this issue, is that infinitely printing cards is not a sustainable mechanism.


6th Anniversary Tournament

On a more positive note, the 6th Anniversary Tournament kicks off on May 31st. Here is what you need to know:

  • Entry: Free for all players.
  • Cards: Access to all active cards in Splinterlands.
  • Format: Diamond league.
  • Prizes:
    • 1st Place: Runi, 5 plots, and 1m DEC.
    • 2nd Place: Runi, 4 plots, and 500k DEC.
    • 3rd Place: 4 plots and 45k DEC.
    • 4th-10th Place: 1 plot and 20k DEC each.
    • 11th-47th Place: 7k DEC and 2 Rebellion packs.
    • 48th-61st Place: 4k DEC and 1 Rebellion pack.
    • 62nd-138th Place: 1 Rebellion pack.


Please ensure you register for the tournament as you don’t want to miss this opportunity. From what I can remember, this will be the biggest tournament I will have ever participated in splinterlands. I am looking forward to participating in a tournament where you have access to all splinterlands cards. Finally, I will get an opportunity to try out all those awesome Rebellion and Riftwatcher monster and summoners cards.


Jungles of Thece Land Update and SPS 100k Target




Over the past 7 days we have seen close 1.5m DEC being burned, this does provide a glimmer of hope that the flywheel tokenomics in splinterlands is alive and thriving. How long will it take for DEC to get back to its $1 peg? On the SPS side, its still looking dire and the price has decreased again the past week. At this rate, I am unsure if I will ever pay back my 2 Land plots.


Land Overview



  • Total Spent: $267.524
  • Amount Regained: $4.22 (354 SPS post-tax) (+$0.01)
  • Payback Period: 20.53 years (-0.67 years)
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 4.87% (-0.16%)

*Based on the current price of SPS ($0.0119)


SPS Staked

  • SPS Staked: 67698 (+168 SPS)
  • Progress to 100k target: 67.7% (+0.2%)


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