Back To Basics Weekly Battle Challenge | Splinterlands #257

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 31 Mar 2023

This week’s battle challenge focuses on the Back To Basics Ruleset.


Ruleset Details


Back to the Basics is a ruleset that emphasizes logical thinking and strategic planning. Players are tasked with building a lineup of monsters with the best possible stats given a set amount of mana but without the added abilities in battles. The order of the cards is also crucial, with melee monsters placed in the front, followed by magic, and ranged monsters in the back. Magic monsters are particularly advantageous because they can attack from the front and hit health. This ruleset appears to have less RNG than regular battles, providing players with increased chances of winning by playing it correctly. Cards with fewer or no abilities are more valuable in this ruleset, and cards with invested points in their abilities may not be as effective.


Battle - Full Battle Replay


Battle Details

  • Mana cap: 54
  • Rulesets(s): Back To Basics

Lineup Details

  • Thaddius Brood (Summoner): -1 magic damage and -1 health to all opposition monsters.
  • Harklaw: primary melee tank with high health and armor.
  • Cursed Windeku: support melee tank with high health and high melee damage.
  • Djinn Muirat + Lira The Dark + Magi Necrosi + Dhampir Stalker: 10 magic and range damage being dealt from the backline.


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?


The battle was pretty even throughout, but the small margins tipped it in my favor. It started with Thaddius Brood reducing magic damage of all enemy monsters. This is critical as my opposition opted to play two tanky magic monsters in Djinn Oshannus and Nerissa Tridawn. The other small margin that tipped the battle in my favor was doing more range damage – six damage vs. four damage. These small margins all added to my team being able to hit harder and outlast the opposition. Overall, a satisfying victory was clinched.


Do you like the Back To Basics ruleset? Why or why not?

The predictability and control of Back to Basics appeals to some players, while others find it challenging. Choosing a tank with high health and armor is essential in this ruleset, and armored monsters are highly recommended. Magic attacks are also effective since they are not hindered by armor. Players must assume that their opponents are also utilizing the same strategies. Some players may not enjoy the lack of variety provided by eliminating abilities. Still, the strategic gameplay and emphasis on team composition and armor make it unique.



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