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Aimless Weekly Battle Challange | Splinterlands #253

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 17 Mar 2023

This week’s battle challenge focuses on the Aimless Ruleset


Ruleset Details


The Aimless ruleset in splinterlands gives all monsters in battle the Scattershot ability. This ability allows a player to target a random enemy on the opposing team, except those with camouflage, and ignores taunts. While this ability is not typically favored by players who prefer to focus fire on one enemy at a time, it can still be helpful in certain situations. For instance, Scattershot can be effective when paired with the Blast ability, as many Scattershot cards deal ranged damage.


Battle - Full Battle Replay


Battle Details

  • Mana cap: 39
  • Rulesets(s): Equalizer, Aimless

Lineup Details

  • Obisidian (Summoner): +1 magic damage to all friendly monsters.
  • Venari Knifer: DPS melee tank.
  • Khmer Princess + Spirit Hoarder + Mycelic Slipspawn + Goblin Psychic + Venari Spellsmith: all in on magic damage in the backline + healing buffs + armor debuffs.


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?


I was up against a formidable opponent with a well-laid plan in utilizing armor buffs and Blast ability for that additional damage. Therefore, going into battle, I would focus on magic damage in the backline and doubling up on healing buffs to keep the tank alive and healing any monsters in the backline who had taken damage. This was a tough battle, and no team was giving anything away due to all the healing and armor reparation happening, and it took until round three until we saw the first monster perish. Ultimately, opting to go all in on magic damage and healing buffs swayed the battle in my favor and clinched a sweet victory.

Do you like the Aimless ruleset? Why or why not?

While the randomness of the Scattershot ability may turn some players off, there are certain situations where monsters with Scattershot can be a valuable addition to a player's deck. One of the benefits of Scattershot is its ability to get around taunts, especially facing opponents using a backline taunt strategy. By targeting the backline with Scattershot attacks, players can weaken their opponents and set them up for easier takedowns. Another advantage of Scattershot is its usefulness in weak magic rule sets, where monsters with void armor and blast abilities are popular choices. Scattershot monsters can effectively counter them by targeting the reflection shield monster, neutralizing their opponent's blast damage, and gaining an advantage. Therefore, it's worth considering when building a deck, as Scattershot can help a player gain the upper hand in battles.



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