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By Hepatic | Merchant Token 2021! | 30 Apr 2021

Just a short blog to introduce the Merchant Token ICO coming later this year!

Why is this important you may ask and why should you care?  In short, this will be a way to protect buyers in the crypto world while maintaining a DeFi Protocol!  Dubbed the "largest DeFi ICO in 2021 and you have a chance to get in on the ICO before it is offered.  Please see my referral link:  You can also go directly to the ICO main page, link included below.

As you may guess, I would receive a portion of issued tokens for the referral but hey, isn't that how we build our these cryptos?  Of course you will have the option to build our your referral list as well so we continue to grow the community of interested people and add a few tokens to our coffers in the process.  Anyway, I will be posting more on this subject as it unfolds.

The ICO tokens are currently at 0.97USD with the next incremental price raise coming soon (0.01 per increment).  The target price is 1.20 at the ICO so now is your chance to "pre-purchase" tokens at a discount.  There are multiple ways to purchase tokens, I personally used Metamask and some leftover Eth I was holding on to for my initial test purchase.  It went very smoothly!  You can also purchase through Coinbase and other wallets, as well as direct credit card purchases, but be aware that the credit card purchase option is NOT available to folks with a US address (including billing address regardless of where you reside).

As always, I am not providing any kind if financial advise, just helping the community become aware of this possibility so invest at your own risk after reviewing the materials!

Anyway, enough for now, more to come and please fell free to comment.

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Merchant Token 2021!
Merchant Token 2021!

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