The time I thought I had cancer

By Diabeeton | General stuff | 18 Sep 2020

Hello everyone hope you are all well.

Today I'm gonna be talking about the time the doctor's thought I might have had cancer:

So I was 16 year olds still in 1st year of college and I watched PewDiePie videos most days and I he did a video about his balls and his scare with them. So after watching the video I looked down and saw that one of them was massive like it was a ratio of 1:3  so I was panicking had no idea what to do so I just walked into the doctor's GP and I had to show em the goods which was extremely awkward but I had to do it and after some extremely awkward ball rubbing and shining lights on them I got sent to get a ultra sound because she said there was a chance I had cancer which was very stressful because I had to wait a month for the ultrasound thinking I actually had cancer but eventually I had a ultrasound which was weird felt like I was pregnant and I saw them on the little screen. And then thankfully I git the results and basically I just had a big ball with water trapped. So that's my weird story of how PewDiePie made me get my balls checked.



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