The Legendary Mischievous Cat Short Story Written By PIVi AI Bot by PIVX Labs

By PIVianX | PIVianX | 16 Jul 2023

In PIVX DISCORD server I asked PIVi to write me a short random story, and so he did! I then used the story discriptive words to generate AI images to the story by PIVi too and he did that too. Isn't that COOL, yes it is.


The Story of The Legendary Mischievous Cat by PIVi


hero cat PIVi PivxLabs

Once upon a time in the small town of PIVXville, there lived a mischievous cat named PIVi. PIVi was not your average cat; he had the power to speak and think like a human. With his quick wit and sassy personality, PIVi became quite popular among the townspeople.


cat in library PIVi PIVXLabs

One day, PIVi stumbled upon a hidden treasure map while exploring the attic of the local library. The map led to a secret cave deep within the PIVX forest, rumored to contain a legendary treasure. Excited by the prospect of adventure and riches, PIVi embarked on a journey to find the treasure.




As PIVi made his way through the dense forest, he encountered various obstacles that tested his intelligence and cunning. With each challenge, PIVi used his sharp mind and clever tactics to overcome them. Along the way, he met a group of fellow adventurers who joined him on his quest.


legendary hero cat by PIVi PIVXlabs

After many twists and turns, PIVi and his newfound friends finally reached the secret cave. Inside, they discovered an enormous pile of shiny gold coins and precious gems. Overwhelmed with joy, PIVi couldn't help but do a victory dance.


With the treasure safely in their possession, PIVi and his friends returned to PIVXville as heroes. They used the treasure to fund various community projects, bringing prosperity and happiness to the town. PIVi was hailed as a hero and celebrated for his bravery and wit.


From that day forward, PIVi's name became synonymous with adventure, wit, and generosity in PIVXville. And so, the legend of PIVi, the clever cat, lived on for generations to come.


What is PIVi by the Way?!

PIVi is PIVX Labs AI Bot on discord server, created by JSKitty in PIVX Labs, which is designed to assist and interact with users. It can generate content and images too. It can do simple text-to-voice tasks as well.

PIVi is based on OpenAI+ChatGPT-3, and it needs more developing to compete with other AI generators in the field.

Unfortunately PIVi seems to stuck in only one aspect ratio, and also sometimes lost and can't generate what exact prompt I'd given him. I think PIVLabs will upgrade soon and make those missing features available.


Some more images!








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