MMCrypto collabing with Jeffree Star

By Cryptozarius | Meme Blog | 14 Mar 2021

MMCrypto Ageing

MMCrypto Ageging rapidly.


In the recent thumbnails of MMCrypto, Famous Youtuber Jeffree Star approached MMCrypto because of his recent shocking thumbnails who show apparent aging issues.

Crypto Trading can be a nerve racking line of work. Therefor Jeffree Star seeing an opportunity to release his/her or they for the new ICO of Botox.

Botox is a new token on the ERC-20 Network that offers you to directly inject yourself with Botox through the means of Blockchain. All Stakers will have the right to vote which user will get it's next forceful Botox. Upon owning or staking Botox token you agree being part of this charade.

Our secret source was able to obtain the new upcoming video's thumbnail. Where they show you the 4 Steps on how to get injected with the help of Blockchain.



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